Aguascalientes: bridges will be reviewed to rule out faults

Aguascalientes: bridges will be reviewed to rule out faults

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Aguascalientes: bridges will be reviewed to rule out faults

Liberto Ureña

Aguascalientes. / 06.07.2021 18:14:48

In Aguascalientes the state of the bridges will be reviewed to avoid situations such as the one that occurred on Line 12 of the Metro, as stated Filemón Medina Silva, member of the College of Engineers.

The College of Engineers, the state government and the municipality are developing a program to review all bridges thoroughly to rule out any possibility of failure; I believe, as a college of engineers, this review should occur in all buildings because there are two events that have put our eyes on alert, what is the situation in Mexico of the Metro Line 12 and what happened in Miami that a 40-story building collapsed. “

He also noted that the review would be done in the bridges that are older.

Those who are seen who have any suspicions that they may have some kind of problem that puts the structure at risk. ”

The College of Engineers commented that Some bridges that have deficiencies have already been identified.

“There are some that are very visible, like the bridge that is in the Industrial City on Siglo XXI avenue, which even has the rods from outside, it is a risk, although it is small, it does imply a risk because it passes over the railroad; and there are other bridges that have small variations, one of them is the bridge that is on the avenue of the convention, it has a problem, it is more hung to what it should be; and there is another bridge that has a minimum offset, which is the one in Héroe de Nacozari; there are others that have not been thoroughly reviewed because it implies that you go under them and see where it should be specifically. “

He pointed out that the bridges built more reassuringly, could in the same way have hidden defects even if they are in good condition.

“The hidden vices sometimes they exist on construction sites for lack of adequate supervision, and is that they are dangerous and can involve a type of risk ”.

There is no exact date to start the review yet; the project is currently being worked on and once it is finished a meeting will be held with the state government.