Air Astana sues Embraer for “serious security problems” on planes

Air Astana sues Embraer for “serious security problems” on planes

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Air Astana sues Embraer for “serious security problems” on planes

THE Air Astana, the Kazakhstan airline, is suing the embraer by at least $11.9 million. The company accuses the Brazilian aircraft maker of leasing planes “unsafe to fly”. The information is from Reuters.

The lawsuit was filed last Friday (2.Jul.2021) at the Supreme Court of New York, in the United States. here’s the whole of the process, in English (344 KB).

Air Astana accused Embraer of practicing a “conduct which was (at best) grossly negligent and which bears a reckless indifference to human life.

In the action, the airline claims that it rented 5 Embraer E190-300 jets, also called E2, which had serious safety problems. Among them, failure in the wing anti-icing system, which, according to the company, could force an emergency landing.

Air Astana also cited failures in hydraulic systems during landing, uncommanded changes in altitude and mechanical problems.

In a statement, Embraer denied having violated any obligations with Air Astana and that it will “defend vigorously” against the claims.

Air Astana is claiming compensation for its unilateral decision to suspend aircraft operations (e) was the only airline to suspend the use of E2 aircraft, and they did so only temporarily and have since resumed all operations”, reads the statement.

The Brazilian company said that there was a problem with some of the planes used by Air Astana in November 2020. According to Embraer, a technical failure with a component was registered.

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