Aislinn Derbez reveals the damage her parents’ fights did to her

Aislinn Derbez reveals the damage her parents’ fights did to her

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Aislinn Derbez reveals the damage her parents’ fights did to her

Aislinn derbez shared through his podcast, The magic of chaos, the hard stage that he lived when he witnessed the fights between his father, Eugenio Derbez, and his mother, Gabriela michel.

Since the premiere of her program, the actress has been able to share with her followers intimate details of her professional and personal life. In the episodes she has expressed herself as a mother, a wife and a daughter, in addition to using this medium as an exercise in introspection and even as a healing bridge.

One of the many confessions he related was a specific family experience that brought back bad memories and that has captured the attention of his audience. In its most recent episode, titled What are the keys to mindful parenting?, revealed that as a child she witnessed fierce discussions between Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez and dubbing actress Gabriela Michel.

“I lived it, I lived a childhood in which my mother hated my father and they yelled at each other, they said horrible things to each other and one said one thing, another another, then they challenged each other in front of me, it was a power struggle and it meant bad talk. from each other and I think that’s the most aberrational things parents can doOne of the most frightening things, that one says one thing and the other contradicts it and says something else in front of the children, they are not understanding the abysmal damage that they do to them ”, he said.

Similarly, Aislinn stressed that during and after her marriage she has tried to raise her daughter differently from how she was raised, avoiding putting her in situations similar to the one she lived in, which was not difficult because the father of the Infante agreed with the actress in making decisions related to the formation of her daughter.

Despite the fact that Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez are currently separated, they have tried to maintain a good relationship to prevent their daughter from having long-term problems, since their main objective is to raise the little girl properly.

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