Al-Abyad addresses mistakes and raises morale before confronting Syria

Al-Abyad addresses mistakes and raises morale before confronting Syria

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Al-Abyad addresses mistakes and raises morale before confronting Syria

Moataz Al Shami (Dubai)
A state of sadness overtook the national team camp, after a negative draw with Lebanon at Zabeel Stadium at the start of the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. He plays in a purely defensive style.

The team did not provide the expected performance, compared to the level at which it concluded the qualifying campaign in the second stage last June, when the players performed the best and won the four matches in the qualifiers hosted by Dubai with the combined tournament system.

A number of the team’s players appeared far from the expected level, especially Ali Mabkhout, Lima and Caio, the attacking trio, whom everyone expected to make the difference. The administrative staff was keen to hold individual and group meetings with the players after returning to the residence, and the technical staff, during the lecture he gave them after the meeting, stressed the need to forget what happened, and benefit from the lessons of that match, most notably the performance with focus and evoke the fighting spirit.

Marvik called on all players to focus on the next journey, as the opportunity to qualify for the World Cup is still present and strong, and everyone pledged to correct and perform in a high fighting spirit, to defend the chances of the national team.

Van Marwijk, the coach of our national team, had announced that Lima participated while he was returning from an injury, and he was complaining about the foot, as well as the failure of some players to appear at the expected level, which affected the speed of transferring the ball, moving in building attacks and putting pressure on the opponent, and he emphasized work In the coming days, we will focus on treating errors, as well as focusing on raising the morale of the players and preparing them for the next meeting.

And the technical staff closed the file of the Lebanon match, after everyone pledged to correct the rest of the journey, starting with facing the Syrian team on the 7th of this month, as our team leaves on a private plane after the training session directly to the Jordanian capital, Amman, in order to complete the preparations and preparations for facing «Nour Qasioun » In a match that is not divisible by two.

It is expected to be the most difficult, especially since the owners of the land lost in the first confrontation against the Iranian team, and that the team seeks to compensate, which is the same goal of our national team, which will play to win in order to improve the position in the standings table, and benefit from the tie of Iraq and South Korea, and the administrative body of our team focuses on The moral aspects, being the most important weapon now, especially the need to restore confidence and return to the strong performance that these same players presented in the second stage qualifiers.