Alcohol dependence is a family problem proved neurologists

A new study by Purdue University and the Medical school of the University of Indiana showed the presence of parent alcoholism effect on how the human brain switches between resting and activity irrespective of personal attitudes to alcohol, writes Medical Express.

Алкогольная зависимость — семейная проблема, доказали неврологи

In the brain, reconfiguration in the time between the execution of mentally challenging tasks and relaxation. However, if a family has an alcoholic, the brain of his relatives will not reconfigurability properly. Although missing the transition of reconfiguration, doesn’t seem to affect how well a person performs mental challenges, this transition can be associated with more extensive functions that trigger the behavior associated with alcohol dependence. In particular, there is a great impatience in anticipation of the reward — a characteristic feature of dependence.

So, the reconfiguration — the moment when the brain has finished one task and is preparing for what will happen next. Multiple brain regions participate in the reconfiguration. Schemes the brain’s connections are reconfigured within the first three minutes after the task is completed. By the fourth minute relaxation effect disappears completely, established neurologists.

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