Alderete: “I’m not a madman who goes around kicking”

Alderete: “I’m not a madman who goes around kicking”

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Alderete: “I’m not a madman who goes around kicking”

Omar alderete (Asunción, Paraguay, 1996) is the only signing of Valencia Until now. The central, express request of Bordalás, came directly from the Copa América and with hardly any vacations he went to the concentration of Oliva to get to the orders of your new technician as soon as possible.

The Guarani center-back is leaving a great sensation and has already scored two goals in Valencia’s preseason games, in set pieces. In his first statements as a Valencian player joked commenting that in a Basel-Getafe, with Bordalás on the blue bench, he kicked a lot and maybe the technician liked that. The central wants to clarify in AS that that was only a joke and that he is not a defender who is going to leave his team with ten men for his tickets.

-How about your first weeks in Valencia?

-The teammates have helped me a lot and that is very important to enter with confidence, both on and off the pitch. I am very happy to be in a club like Valencia.

-Bordalás has been the great supporter of his signing. He has been seen talking to you a lot in training. What has it transmitted to you?

-He spoke to me but like everyone else. He doesn’t treat me differently. He told me what he wanted from me and also that I had to earn the minutes, I have nothing insured and I will have to fight him in training.

-What does a Paraguayan feel after landing in a Spanish LaLiga team?

-Spanish LaLiga always threw me a lot. In Germany I had an Argentine friend, Santi Ascacíbar, who had several friends in LaLiga and we would start to watch the games here and we liked him a lot.

-He has already two goals as a Valencian player …

-I am a defender, normally I don’t score many goals but for a defender it is also important to start by scoring goals and this helps a lot for confidence.

-And what caught the attention of Valencia?

-Valencia is a team that is respected throughout the world, it is well known, a great team. He has always been seen in the Champions League, in the Europa League … I think that is the goal: to fight for that and return Valencia to where it has always been.

-What did your compatriot and friend Nelson Valdez from Valencia tell you?

-We couldn’t talk much but he did tell me that Valencia is a great club and that they would treat me well.

-And next Wednesday he will debut at the Mestalla against Milan …

They already told me that the games there are very beautiful, that the public puts a lot of pressure and the fans feel a lot, also for the rivals. I am looking forward to feeling that.

-In the video that the club sent after his signing, he commented that, in a Getafe-Basel match, he kicked a lot and perhaps Bordalás liked that. And this caused a stir on social media …

-I was only joking. People always hold onto something but I have my way of playing. I am not a madman who goes around kicking and leaving the team with one less. I’m calm, I have my way of playing and I don’t pay much attention to people.

Alderete: “I’m not a madman who goes around kicking”

-And how is your way of playing?