Alexandre Taillefer should not woo the leadership of the PLQ

Alexandre Taillefer ne briguera pas la direction du PLQ

Photo: Renaud Philippe Archives The Duty
The businessman Alexandre Taillefer

Alexandre Taillefer, the founder of the company Teo Taxi that has just ceased its activities, will not be a candidate for the leadership of the Quebec liberal Party (QLP).

In an interview with the radio station 98.5 FM, of Montreal, the business man has indicated that he will not participate in the next race to the estate of the ex-prime minister Philippe Couillard.

He added to be excited by the possibilities of finding solutions to solve the problems of the society, saying that despite the failure, Teo Taxi was enrolled in such a commitment.

Mr. Taillefer has also stated that the failure of Teo Taxi that has been to him a slap in the face, according to his expression, had made him more humble. It is believed that this failure will make him a better manager in the future.

Alexandre Taillefer was appointed in 2018 president of the electoral campaign of the liberal Party. After the major setback suffered by the LIBERALS in the elections of last October, he said in an interview with The canadian Press that he was interested in the estate of Philippe Couillard.

He had then posed two conditions : that the leadership race does not take place before two years of age and that the party will have to have a process here where a refoundation major.

Wednesday, Alexandre Taillefer said to serve as chair of the election campaign the liberal Party had been a mistake.


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