All Czech kayaks advanced from the SP qualifications in water slalom

All Czech kayaks advanced from the SP qualifications in water slalom

All Czech kayaks advanced from the SP qualification in water slalom

WC races in water slalom, qualification K1 men, women, June 8, 2023, Prague. Jiří Prskavec from the Czech Republic.

Prague – All Czech kayaks advanced from the World Cup qualifications in water slalom in Prague. Olympic champion Jiří Prskavec did the best in Troja, winning the opening race. None of his teammates or any female kayaker had to go on a correctional run.

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Sprzevec drove cleanly and thanks to that he was seventeen hundredths faster than the British Joseph Clarke, who had two penalty seconds. At the same time, he did not put all his effort into the qualifying run. “The plan was that I want to take care of it, that I don't want to completely waste my energy. I finished relatively fresh, I saved some energy and in the end it was enough to win, which surprised me. I am happy about it, I feel good and we will continue tomorrow,” he praised .

Home World Cup debutant Jakub Krejčí advanced from sixth place. The 21-year-old kayaker has already completed the Czech Cup races and smaller international events in Troja, but he found out that the SP is about something else. “It's a lot bigger than I expected. The pressure from the atmosphere is quite affecting me. But I'm healthy nervous. I'm enjoying it so far,” he confided. World champion Vít Přindiš shared eleventh place with Slovenian Peter Kauzer.

The best Czech kayaker was Tereza Fišerová, who moved up from fifth place. In speed, she almost equaled the winner of the qualification, Jessica Fox, but four penalty seconds deprived her of a better position. “When I flew into the race, I thought it was great, how it went off nicely. I'm certainly sorry for the two touches, but on the other hand, it's more important for me to know that the speed is there. And now just clean up the touches,” she praised.< /p>

Antonie Galušková made it to the semifinals from fourteenth place, Amálie Hilgertová succeeded thanks to the eighteenth place.

Friday morning will be the canoe qualifiers. At 1:45 p.m., the afternoon program will start with the semi-final and final races of female and male kayakers.