ALYOSHA revealed their beauty secrets

The singer told how to care for skin and hair at home

ALYOSHA раскрыла свои секреты красоты

Singer ALYOSHA, who, according to rumors, now a third time pregnant, was forced to interrupt his March concerts and went into quarantine with her husband Taras Poplars and sons, Roman and mark. Artists enjoying the time together as a family, because sooner due to a busy tour schedule, they infrequently were able to all be together. In addition, the artist had more time for myself than she did not fail to take advantage.

ALYOSHA has published in his Instagram photo delicate in an elegant way — the singer is depicted in a velvet gown spaghetti strap off-the-shoulder powder shade. She poses in painted colors of the walls, raising one hand and looking thoughtfully to the side.

The star decided to share their beauty rituals, which she spends at home.

“The time has come to pay a little more attention… to yourself! Like all girls, I love all sorts of beauty rituals that relate to the care of hair and skin. Say no to cosmetics! Time to relax and treat yourself to your favorite:

Hair masks. Coconut or olive oil, egg and kefir mixture, and can — elite professional cosmetics? You choose, and your hair will thank you!

Mask for the face. 30 minute soak in the silence is just class! So to start the day with face masks was a good idea.

Warm water. Drink a lot. The more you drink water, the healthier your body and beautiful you. Water is better to drink warm.

What beauty rituals do you do?” — detail painted ALYOSHA.

In review subscribers artist admire the spectacular and her beauty and thank you for the helpful tips.

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