Amazon is looking for answers after the loss of a contract with the Pentagon to $ 10 billion

Amazon ищет ответы после потери контракта с Пентагоном на 10 миллиардов долларов

Amazon wants answers from the President of the United States Donald trump (Donald Trump) after the loss of 10 billion contract with the Pentagon to create a cloud service.

Amazon is trying to retrieve data from President Donald trump, Secretary of defense Mark Esper and former Minister of defense James Mattis why their agreement on a 10 billion cloud services with the Pentagon had gone to Microsoft.

In court documents made public on Monday, Amazon requires to prosecute the 7 officials who played an important role in this case. In addition to trump, the Mattis and espera, Amazon Web Services also seeks to overthrow the chief information officer of the Ministry of defense Dana Deasy and the office for the selection of sources, which has directly signed a contract with Microsoft.

The white house, representatives of the Ministry of defence and Microsoft has not commented on the situation.

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