Amazon stopped ‘Alexa’ from being used as a proper name

Amazon stopped ‘Alexa’ from being used as a proper name

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Amazon stopped ‘Alexa’ from being used as a proper name

When someone says AlexaThe first thing that comes to mind is Amazon’s digital assistant. Before this software became popular, this name was one of the most popular with girls who were born in the United States. But not anymore.

According to a publication by The Atlantic, hardly anyone names their daughters in this way since the company’s voice assistant arrived. eight years ago, with the first Amazon Echo.

Thus, while the number of devices expanded throughout the planet, the use of the name in newborns, declined. In fact, according to some, It’s the biggest popular name decline seen in years.

Alexa is a feminine form of Alex. It is a given name in its own right or a shortened form of Alexandra, both of which come from the Greek Alexandros.

In 2015 Alexa reached the highest degree of popularity among the American inhabitants.

It can be divided into alexo, which means “to defend” and ander, which means “man,” which makes both Alexa and Alexandra defenders of man.

The highest point of popularity that this name reached was in 2015, probably due to the impact generated by the launch of these devices. As it was popular, maybe many parents chose that name, which soared to more than 1,500 during that year.

One of the associated problems was the increase in cases of bullying, at least in the United States, where girls named Alexa are bullied by their peers, under different forms of abuse.

According to the data collected, about 127 thousand American babies were called Alexa in the last 50 years and more than 75 thousand are under 18. While the estimated figure indicates that there are 90 million households who have some device with the name Alexa.

The decline of this name began in 2020, when just 300 families of the United States named their daughters that way. The downward trend was repeated in other territories where Alexa is popular, such as the UK and Canada.

The report also indicates that something similar has happened with Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. In fact, the number of babies named that way dropped from 111 in 2010 to just 10 in 2020.

With Alexa

Amazon has sold devices with the Alexa software in other home appliances, along with other manufacturers. He also participated with other brands to create TVs with their own Amazon Fire interface, which includes voice control and easy access to Amazon Prime.

Amazon stopped ‘Alexa’ from being used as a proper name

The new Amazon Fire TV Omni televisions that come with Alexa out of the box.

Now, the company has just announced that it will also make its own gadgets. There will be two versions of the so-called series Amazon Fire TV Omni high-end and the mid-range Amazon Fire TV 4 series, each available in different sizes.

They will go on sale in the United States in October with prices ranging between $ 400 and $ 1,100. Some countries will be able to reserve them through the ecommerce site.

In addition to dominating the smart TV market, Amazon’s intention is to control the experience so there are no “frustrations.” That is, the user opens the box, turns on the television and, as long as he has connected any Amazon device to his Wi-Fi, he recognizes it without inconvenience.

Amazon noted that it will offer an update later this year. that allows you to control smart devices in your homessuch as lights, cameras, and thermostats, using a software panel that appears on your television.