AMD loses ground, 83% of the GPU market belongs to Nvidia

AMD loses ground, 83% of the GPU market belongs to Nvidia

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AMD loses ground, 83% of the GPU market belongs to Nvidia

The challenge between AMD and Nvidia has, at the moment, a clear winner.

AMD And Nvidia they have always been the two main brands for those interested in buying a new GPU, but they are not exactly “equal” competitors.

Over the years, the market has continually seen the supremacy of Nvidia and its graphics cards, which are much more expensive than AMD rivals, but still highly regarded by PC fans.

What is the market situation today? Has AMD narrowed the gap with Nvidia, or has Nvidia now taken off?

According to the latest GPU sales reports, AMD’s market share appears to have dropped to 17% in the second quarter of 2021, compared to 19% in the previous annual quarter and the 20% it could boast last year.

Small percentages that, consequently, inflate the results of Nvidia, which can now boast a market share of 83%. Simply put, eight out of ten graphics cards sold today belong to this company.

Numbers that are also reflected among gamers: as appeared from the latest survey by Steam, 15.31% of users use an AMD GPU, while 75.41% have an Nvidia one.

Of course, considering we live in times of COVID, these results could be profoundly skewed by the availability of stocks and the need for individual buyers.

In the future, too Intel will enter the world of discrete GPUs with its Arc line. What percentage of the market will it cannibalize? That of AMD, of Nvidia, or is the duopoly so strong that the third wheel will not be able to do anything?

Source: PCGamer

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