AMLO: In Guerrero, many young people work as ‘hawks’

AMLO: In Guerrero, many young people work as ‘hawks’

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AMLO: In Guerrero, many young people work as ‘hawks’

Paola olivares

Chilapa, Guerrero / 16.07.2021 17:11:41

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador acknowledged that, in Guerrero, a large part of young people, mainly in rural and highly marginalized areas, they work for organized crime for a minimum wage.

“How much ‘hawks’ are paid to do risky jobs. Also minimum wages. We have to take away the gangs and the delinquency from the young people ”, he indicated.

During his time in Chilapa, Guerrero, López Obrador pointed out that the true fight against crime is to prevent them from having “a reserve army for illicit activities.”

He recalled that in 1996 when he toured the municipalities of the Guerrero mountain, he questioned the poppy sowers the reasons for their activity, to which they replied “is that in jail we have food guaranteed”, so he said that people plant poppies out of necessity.

The president indicated that “if there is violence it is because the young people were abandoned and nothing was ever done for them,” he pointed out that they should be protected and strengthened in the face of social vulnerability.