“Amnesty Eid” cancels fines for those released

“Amnesty Eid” cancels fines for those released

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“Amnesty Eid” cancels fines for those released

Abu Dhabi Police confirmed that the decision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, to pardon inmates of penal and correctional facilities includes canceling the financial fines imposed on them, and excluding them from the condition of rehabilitation, in addition to that they will be given a certificate of good conduct and behavior.

Lt. Colonel Abdul-Jalil Ismail Ahmed of the Directorate of Correctional and Punitive Institutions in Abu Dhabi Police said that the supreme decision issued by His Highness the President of the State to release a number of inmates of penal facilities, on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, is not limited to the provisions of detention and imprisonment, but rather includes financial fines, as the person became The person sentenced to a fine is not required to pay it, and it falls automatically as soon as the amnesty decision is issued, and the decision also includes what is known as accessory penalties, such as monitoring and deprivation of some privileges and others, as the amnesty decision stipulates the exclusion of the released from the condition of rehabilitation, and he became unclaimed, and the released can For him, to apply for a certificate of good conduct (Criminal Status Certificate), as if the inmate was rehabilitated as soon as he was included in the award of pardon.

Abdul Jalil stressed that the decision brought joy and happiness to the inmates who deserve the supreme pardon, as the joy of release combined with the joy of Eid, noting that the inmates who were not covered by the pardon were also happy with this decision and shared the feelings of joy for their released colleagues.

He pointed out that the decision to pardon comes in line with the values ​​of tolerance and reconciliation with this group, and to give them an opportunity to rectify the error, stressing that the decision has positive repercussions on the inmates and their families and on society, its security and stability, and sends a message to the community that the wrong person, if he was sentenced to punishment, does not mean end of the day.

He pointed out that the Police General Command is working with partners to protect members of society and increase their confidence in the security services, and to provide reform and awareness programs for convicts during their sentence, through educational and academic programs, which help them to obtain the opportunity to return, integrate into society, and rehabilitate them. To pardon and include them with honorable rights

He stated that those covered by the amnesty are followed up after their release, and communication with the competent authorities, to help them integrate into society, stressing that this reduces the chances of them returning to committing the crime.

He revealed that so far, dozens of prisoners covered by the amnesty decision have been released, and they are currently with their families, and they will all be released within the coming hours, as the work teams are working to ensure that everyone has been released, except for foreigners sentenced to deportation. Deportation provisions against them.

The Public Prosecution in Abu Dhabi took the executive measures of the high decision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, to release a number of inmates from correctional facilities on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Adha. This is in coordination with the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters.

Abu Dhabi Police confirmed that the royal decision to release a number of correctional facility inmates who were sentenced in various cases, and His Highness guaranteed the payment of financial fines on the occasion of Eid, is a humanitarian gesture from the leadership, which was concerned with consolidating the values ​​of forgiveness and tolerance, and giving the inmates of penal and correctional institutions the opportunity to change for the better and begin Once again in the positive participation and to strengthen family ties and bring happiness and pleasure to the hearts of mothers and sons, which will be positively reflected on their families and society.

She indicated that the supreme pardon constitutes an important incentive for the rest of the inmates to benefit from the training and rehabilitation opportunities provided by the penal and correctional institutions, to have the opportunity to obtain the honor of pardon on upcoming occasions, stressing that it was positively reflected in raising the morale of the inmates who expressed their appreciation and thanks for the leadership that provided all Ways to reform and rehabilitate the inmates, and reintegrate them into their social and family environment, to be a positive and effective force in supporting the process of development and modernization in the homeland of goodness and giving.

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