An accidental shot was fired during a police meeting at the kindergarten in Přerov, no one was injured

An accidental shot was fired during a police meeting at the kindergarten in Přerov, no one was injured

During a police meeting in M&Scaron in Přerov, he fired several shots, no one was hurt

Firearm – pistol – illustration photo.

Přerov – In one of the kindergartens in Přerov today, during a conversation with children, a policeman accidentally fired while handling a weapon. No one was injured in the incident, the internal control department is investigating the circumstances. The police from Přerovsk informed about the case on Twitter. According to representatives of the Přerov town hall, the event took place in Přerov at the nursery school in Dvořákova street. According to ČTK, 12 preschoolers took part in the conversation with the police, including a demonstration of the layout and assembly of the weapon. The policeman's gun went off after the lecture.

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The police publicly apologized for their colleague's mistake and took measures to prevent a similar incident from happening again in the future. Police spokeswoman Miluše Zajícová clarified to ČTK that the incident happened this morning, the police do not want to disclose more detailed information until the investigation. According to ČTK information, it was an experienced and reliable police officer.

“During a meeting at a kindergarten in Přerovsk, an accidental shot occurred while handling a service weapon. Even though no one was injured, the relevant department immediately began to deal with the incident internal controls,” the police said. Regional police director Tomáš Landsfeld is also dealing with the incident.

City representatives were also informed about the incident, including Mayor Petr Vrány, who discussed the incident with the director of the Přerov Territorial Police Department, Martin Crha, the city said on its website. “It's a deplorable situation, fortunately no one was hurt,” Přerov Councilor for Education Michal Zácha (ODS) told ČTK.