An easy way to get your Golden Visa

An easy way to get your Golden Visa

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An easy way to get your Golden Visa

Living in Spain is the desire of many people. The climate, security, gastronomy and culture in general make it an ideal destination. But do you know how you can legally live in Spain? The SpainGolden Visa is an alternative that you can consider, especially if you are an investor. In recent years, it has been one of the main options by which many international individuals have obtained their residency in a relatively short time.

Spain implemented in 2013 the Golden Visa, a permit and residence authorization that was conceived as an engine to attract investment and talent to the country, which was dealing with a long economic crisis. This measure, after the pandemic and Brexit, has become the most preferred option for most of the international clients Carlos Castell has in his law firm, Castell Lawyers, based in Majorca, which now has created a new website to process all Golden Visa applications.

The Spanish Golden Visa has had a significant increase in applications. With this visa, the investor not only obtains legal residence in Spain, but also obtains a statute that allows free movement throughout all the countries of the European Union.

Aimed at investors

This measure, called the investors visa or Golden Visa, is still aimed at investors, entrepreneurs or workers who carry out intra-corporate movements, highly qualified professionals and researchers, as well as spouses and children, through an agile and fast procedure.

It is necessary for the investor to meet certain conditions and general requirements, but Golden Visa is positioned as a magnificent alternative to live in Spain. One of the main advantages of this residence permit is that it is not only suitable for the investor, but also for his closest Familia.