An exhibition of motoring gems will open in the former Pilsen depot in June

An exhibition of motoring gems will open in the former Pilsen depot in June< /p> In June, the first museum of historical motorcycles and cars, Depo Moto Art, will open in Pilsen. The premises of the former trolleybus hall will also be an art gallery.

Pilsen – Depo Moto Art, a museum of historical motorcycles and cars, will open in Pilsen in June. The premises of the former trolleybus hall of the Pilsen DEPO2015 complex, where the new exhibition has found a permanent place, will simultaneously serve as an art gallery, Roman Jurečko, chairman of the Plzeň Endowment Fund, told ČTK today.

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“The combination of technology and art will create something unique in Pilsen. There will be not only historic cars and motorcycles, but also sculptures, photographs and flowers,” said Jurečko. Depo Moto Art will cooperate with Czech artists and will prepare automobile and art openings.

In the former depot of transport companies near the center of Pilsen, there will be permanent exhibition and parking spaces for vintage cars as well as luxury modern vehicles of limited series. It will be a changing exhibition that will also be for sale.

“There will be approximately 100 motorcycles on loan, the entire collection of the collector Petr Hošťálek, as well as dozens of vehicles and dozens of historic bicycles plus works of art,” said Kristýna Nachtmann Švédová, director of the Pilsen Foundation. Among the artists whose works will complement the exhibition, she named, for example, Josef Rataj, a Czech pop-art artist from Pilsen, and Doris Tesárková Oplova, a painter from Pilsen who is devoted to automobiles.

“Pilsen is well positioned to has become, at least in Western Bohemia, the center of such important vehicles with a soul, which people do not purchase for daily transport from point A to point B, but because it is really their lifestyle,” said Jurečko. Spaces should live and auctions should also be held there. There should be starts and finishes of veteran races.

The fund, which cooperates with the town hall, has the halls on a 20-year loan from the city. The original sugar factory and then the trolley bus depots have their own history. The owners will garage and repair cars there. The renovation of the hall was ensured by a foundation of enthusiasts with their own efforts and money from sponsors.

According to the chairman of the Veteran Car Club Association and vice-president of the Czech Auto Club, František Čečila, there has been talk of a similar museum in Pilsen for 25 years. It was supposed to be in the abandoned hall of the waterworks, in the former Světovar barracks or in the Škoda machine shops.

In Depo Moto Art there are now, for example, belt-driven motorcycles NSU from 1923 and DKW from 1924 in their original, unrenovated condition, an English motorcycle Ariel 500 designed for the postal service, the first English-made Widowmaker superbike, which went at speeds of up to 200 km/h. Among the cars, for example, the Gordon vehicle, manufactured in Pilsen, whose design was contributed by the Pilsen artist Karel Syka. Also Škoda super sport, a Hakar vehicle that won twice the European Hill Climb Championship and Aero Minor Sport. “We now have up to 30 machines in total,” added Švédová.