An unknown firm from the United States promises to strike all his Hypercam

Неизвестная фирма из США обещает всех поразить своим гиперкаром

Czinger 21C premiere will take place in Geneva.

“Revolutionary technologies”, “iconic design”, “dominant performance.” Concise and not too generous on the details of the press release from the budding automaker from Los Angeles is almost entirely composed of big words in superlatives. The essence is to ensure that the main European auto show this spring, the Americans will present a new hypercar.

Model 21C of the company Czinger Vehicles completely designed and built in California using some of the advanced technologies that are designed to make a paradigm shift in the manufacture of sports models.

The new “innovative Seating arrangement” and “a powerful hybrid power plant of its own design” is positioned as the hypercar of the 21st century, which is reflected in its name.

No specifications at the moment are not revealed: they are no on the official website of an unknown company or in social networks. Judging by the videotizer Czinger Vehicles actually built the car, but as far as she is ready for sales and what kind of circulation may be involved is unknown. We just have to wait until 3 March year Geneva motor show will open its doors for the media, although it is possible that the startup will share some data before the premiere.

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