Analyst: Another 25,000 people canceled their business, the reason being data boxes

Analyst: Another 25,000 people canceled their business, the reason being data boxes

Analyst: 25,000 people lost their business, data is the reason mailboxes

Data mailboxes will have a new logo (pictured) after ten years from this June. In the competition, which was announced by the Ministry of the Interior in autumn 2018, Lukáš Adamík, a student of the art school from Ostrava, won with the symbol of two arrows.

Prague – In the first fourteen days of February, approximately 25,000 entrepreneurs canceled their businesses, i.e. more than in the whole of December 2022. The number of closed businesses since the beginning of this year exceeded 40,500, which is half of the total number in the past 2022. The reason is primarily the mandatory introduction of data boxes and with it associated obligations, Dun & Bradstreet analyst Petra Štěpánová told ČTK.

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According to her, the last month of the year is the strongest in terms of the number of disrupted businesses in the long term. Between 2020 and 2021, an average of up to 4,000 entrepreneurs canceled their businesses every month. Štěpánová now assumes that older and inactive entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs whose main income is not generated by business on the trade certificate, end their business to a greater extent.

According to the company, between January and September of last year, an average of 4,700 entrepreneurs canceled their businesses per month, in October it was 8,400, in November 11,800 and in December a record 17,400. In 2021, 6,100 entrepreneurs canceled their business in the last month, and in 2020, 6,320 of them did so. According to Štěpánová, the total number of canceled businesses also increased significantly last year compared to the years 2020 to 2021. In 2020 there were 44,600 entrepreneurs, a year later 47,710 and in 2022 it was 80,160.

There are currently more than 2.179 million self-employed people registered in the Czech Republic, between 2021 and 2022 the business base grew by 6,846 entrepreneurs , which is a comparable increase as in the period 2020 to 2021. According to the internal methodology of Dun & According to Bradstreet, there are 1.143 million self-employed persons (OSVČ), which represents 52 percent of the total number of business activities. “Other issued trade licenses are 'dormant', which in practice means that a natural person has a trade license issued, but does not carry out business activities,” pointed out Štěpánová.

From this year, data boxes are also mandatory for self-employed, associations and other legal entities. Their number is expected to increase by 2.2 million to roughly 3.9 million by March. The mailbox will be set up automatically by the Ministry of the Interior. On the contrary, the use of the data box for private natural persons will remain voluntary, as the deputies canceled the obligation in the law at the last minute.