And the evidence of coup?  2021/06/30 – Explica .co

And the evidence of coup? 2021/06/30 – Explica .co

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And the evidence of coup?  2021/06/30 – Explica .co

And the evidence of coup?  2021/06/30 – Explica .co

They accuse the parents of children with cancer, while the deaths and infections by covid-19 increase.

Undersecretary López-Gatell, responsible for policies to combat the pandemic, referring to the demonstrations of parents of children with cancer due to the lack of medicines, imputes a coup narrative to them and connects them with the history of coups d’état in Latin America.

The undersecretary says – without proof – that these are groups promoted and fabricated (sic), with right-wing groups that extend beyond the country that are seeking to promote the coup idea.

The undersecretary’s statements are of the “cantinflesco” type (because he is not understood at all) or of the “Chimoltrufia”, because he says there is no shortage of medicines, but later he says that they are working to obtain such medicines, he accuses them of coup plotters but it is said sensitive to its cause.

Obviously, it is not an isolated statement by any public servant, but by the presidential official to address the main health problem at the national level, such as covid, and they are proof of human insensitivity and ignorance of the federal government’s reality.

These statements occur while deaths from the covid exceeded 230 thousand, and those infected also exceed 2.5 million, despite the fact that estimates from academic institutions and research point to a much higher number.

The Undersecretary of Health has been repeatedly questioned because the federal government did not assume or guide the appropriate measures since the beginning of the declaration of the pandemic by the World Health Organization.

In this same medium, we have highlighted the lack of hospital infrastructure, as well as medical and nursing personnel, as well as medicines in public hospitals, despite the heroic effort made by the personnel in these institutions to make up for these deficiencies.

Unfortunately we are suffering and verifying that the federal government plays trial and error with the health of Mexicans since, without working on the effectiveness of government communication of the message to implement contagion prevention measures, public and private activities are opened indiscriminately .

In several regions of the national territory, infections and deaths are precisely increasing, while, in other countries, they even recommend the use of face masks inside homes, while new variants of the covid are studied.

Both the increase in infections and deaths from covid, as well as the violence in different regions of the country demand that the federal government leave behind the belligerent discourse, which generates confrontation and social division.

Once again it is reiterated that coordinated actions between the different social sectors are required to address these problems.

However, the federal government continues the strategy of distracting society with puppets, while hiding relevant issues such as the attacks on the INE and the sending of the National Guard to the Sedena.

By changing the electoral advisers, among other reforms, the intention is to submit to the INE, despite the fact that it has demonstrated its usefulness and effectiveness in electoral processes.

On the other hand, the National Guard has not yet finished consolidating its preventive effectiveness in the face of massacres and organized crime violence, as we have suffered in various regions of the national territory, nor has the required efficiency been achieved in its participation in the investigation of crimes in the new accusatory criminal system, within the framework of the new human rights regime.

This last situation has been evident with the intimidating statements and actions against the autonomy of the federal judges.

Those are the true national issues from which they are once again trying to distract us.