Anette Cuburu.  VLA accused of fraud for protecting a driver | VIDEO

Anette Cuburu. VLA accused of fraud for protecting a driver | VIDEO

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Anette Cuburu.  VLA accused of fraud for protecting a driver | VIDEO

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Mexico City / 07/14/2021 16:34:34

I want to sing, the new singing reality show Come the joy, continues to cause social media stir by failed presentations of most of the celebrities participating in the contest. The criticism has not stopped since last Tuesday after the show he offered Laura G, who performed on stage “The boy from apartment 512”; However, this time the The accusations were against the jury.

Despite the negative comments that the singing reality has received, the competition continues and this Wednesday it was the turn of Anette Cuburu. The conductor of Aztec TV has mentioned on several occasions that it was his dream show your musical talent, but the critics have not favored him since his first performance, and this second time he won the public rejection.

“They believe that we have no feelings, we are human beings of flesh and blood and Yes, your comments hurt me a lot. I am in favor of going to someone other than me, obviously that is very valid, but it is not worth offending and hurting people“, he pointed.

Prior to her participation, the host attacked her detractors and assured that she sings only for the public that appreciates her.

“Many people have every right, I respect it, that I commented ‘I liked it, I did not like it, it was out of tune’, but already the comments that are more aggressive, that are more rude. Yes they give me a lot of courage, they put me in a very bad mood“said Cuburu.

Anette cuburu, who called herself The Queen of Karaoke, sang “Innocent poor friend” accompanied by mariachi. Wearing a yellow and black ball gown, the host sang one of the most popular songs she has ever performed Lupita Dalessio.

Contrary to her first presentation, Anette Cuburu did not obtain the approval of the panel of judges and, even, Rocío Banquells listed all the mistakes she made.

“This time you did leave me to wish you. You went out of tune at all times, your notes, you held them very badly and you forgot to square yourself, the intonation. I didn’t like it,” Banquells commented.

They accuse the judges of ‘Venga la Alegría’ of fraud

After the ratings received by the presenter were released, users on social networks accused the panel of judges, made up of Rocío Banquells, Horacio Villalobos and Mario Lafontaine.

And it is that Internet users assure that Anette Cuburu “is the protegee of the morning”, reason why the critics always favor him. As the show progressed, users on Twitter accused Horacio Villalobos of favoritism.