ANO wants to point out to Pavel the possible unconstitutionality of the change in the valuation of pensions

ANO wants to point out to Pavel the possible unconstitutionality of the change in the valuation of pensions

ANO wants to point out to Pavel the possible contradiction of the change in the valuation of pensions< /p> Illustrative photo – Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Karel Havlíček spoke at a meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, February 10, 2023, Prague.

Prague – Representatives of the ANO movement want to talk about the possible unconstitutionality of the reduction of the extraordinary valorization of pensions at a meeting with President Petr Pavlo on Wednesday. They consider this aspect more important than the effects of valorization on the state budget. Karel Havlíček, the first vice-chairman of the ANO movement, said this in the Czech TV program Otázky Václav Moravec.

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Havlíček appreciates the fact that Pavel is open to negotiations with the opposition. According to him, ANO's first meeting with the new president to valorize pensions was in a rational spirit. On Wednesday, he will want to emphasize that the law on the reduction of valorization is retroactive and therefore unconstitutional. He also considers its discussion in a legislative emergency to be problematic. Havlíček emphasized that if Pavel signs the amendment and the Constitutional Court rejects it, the Czech Republic is at risk of embarrassment.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan (STAN) defended the law and its adoption. According to him, the government took the step as soon as it received information about the January inflation, on the basis of which the claim for extraordinary valuation arose. He also recalled that the opposition rejected the possibility of discussing the law when the discussion periods were shortened. According to the Austrian, the cabinet is also prepared for the situation that Pavel does not sign the law.

Pensions are to increase by an average of 760 crowns during the extraordinary June valorization according to the amendment. According to the currently valid legal rules, it would be 1770 crowns on average. The cabinet justifies the reduction by efforts to stabilize public finances this year and in the following years.

The Austrian also accused Havlíček, who was a member of the previous government of Andrej Babiš (ANO), that the previous cabinet did not proceed with any pension reform. According to him, the current government must therefore solve the situation. The form of the reform is not yet ready, expert teams of the coalition parties are discussing individual aspects, the Austrian said. When the coalition finds an agreement, it wants to discuss the proposal with the opposition.