Another breakthrough and success in my pocket — February 13 will make an important choice

On the 20th day of the Moon is the peak of life energy.

Ещё рывок и успех в кармане — 13 февраля заставит сделать важный выбор

Moon in Libra will prompt again to weigh the “pros and cons” to make the final decision. But intuition this day will play an important role.

The waning Moon symbolizes decay and the ability to drift. But before that, to get things going by themselves, you have to 13 February to make another breakthrough and success will be in your pocket. It is important to restore order in cases to set final priorities and allow yourself to relax.

The stars predict a productive working day, planned an important meeting with the prospect of business cooperation in the future. But they will be successful, if it is already current Affairs. To identify the next direction and start new projects better in a different period.

On this day, the decisions may relate not only to the business sector. Household chores or the things of love are also waiting for decisions. If the family plan global buying, in this day, you’ll have to consider the pros and cons. Decisions will have to wait for its completion, and on February 13 will make an important choice, because it is the time of maximum accumulation of life and psychological energy, so spend it to the benefit.

To leave work, I will agree to increase, make an offer, sweetheart, to say “Yes” to family life, decides to go away for a long time — all these dilemmas are coming to a logical conclusion. 20th Lunar day is not suitable for rash, split-second decisions and gambles. The choice will be correct in the case if he spent a lot of time, thoughts and effort.

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