Another “servant of the people” supported the controversial idea of water supply to Crimea (video)

Еще один «слуга народа» поддержал скандальную идею подачи воды в Крым (видео)

MP from the faction “people’s Servant” Yuri Omelchuk supported the resumption of water supply occupied Crimea.

He declared it on air of TV channel “OUR”. Omelchuk argued his position by the fact that in the Crimea is populated by Ukrainians that the Ukrainian authorities should help. (To see the video, progralti to the end of the screen)

“I do not understand is that we the Crimea, which we want to return, where, in particular, live Ukrainians, Crimea, where there is fertile land, we want to dry? If we continue to think that in 5-10 years and do not want this desert,” he said.

Kamenchuk added that we need to be proactive, because Ukraine needs to supply water to Crimea not for someone else, but for themselves.

“Why don’t we make a contract for water supply. We may water at the same price as us gas Russia will sell” – asked Omelchuk.

He also called for the Ukrainian payment of pensions to inhabitants of the occupied territories of Donbass.

“No matter where Ukrainian is and lives, the obligation of Ukraine to pay pensions”, – said Kamenchuk.

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