ANWB called down by holidaymakers: ‘Much is unclear’  Inland

ANWB called down by holidaymakers: ‘Much is unclear’ Inland

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ANWB called down by holidaymakers: ‘Much is unclear’  Inland

The ANWB is inundated with questions from holidaymakers who want to go abroad this summer. Many people are in the dark about the corona rules in the different countries and are looking for answers.

“People want to know, for example, how old a PCR test can be. Or how they should prove that their children have been tested negative”, Josje Majoor, responsible for the ANWB Reiswijzer, told the newspaper. NOS. The answers are not so simple: the corona rules can differ per country.

It is certainly a puzzle for those who go on holiday by car and have to cross several countries. For example, Italy requires a PCR test that is not older than 48 hours (also for children from 6 years). This means that holidaymakers from the Netherlands have to drive quite a bit to ensure that the test certificate has not expired on arrival in the country.

But on the way, such a test certificate is not necessary again: Germany has no entry restrictions for those who leave within 24 hours and Switzerland has no restrictions for transit passengers. ,,It is always wise to travel prepared. But now everything is ten times more complicated. You really have to have your ‘corona administration’ in order,” says Majoor of the ANBW.

This also applies to holidaymakers who take the plane. “We hear that airlines sometimes impose additional requirements. For example, they want you to be able to show a negative PCR test in addition to a vaccination certificate. They are therefore stricter than the country they fly to. That is because they bear the responsibility for entry.”


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