Apple banned a job chat where its employees discussed wages

Apple banned a job chat where its employees discussed wages

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Apple banned a job chat where its employees discussed wages

Apple banned a channel from Slack, one of the most used work chats in the world, where employees wanted to discuss wages. According to the company’s human resources version, the topic “is aligned with Apple’s commitment to pay equitably,” but did not comply with the company’s Slack Terms of Use.

What do the rules for opening channels say in Apple’s environment? “Slack channels for activities and hobbies not recognized as employee clubs Apple or Diversity Network Associations (DNA) are not allowed and should not be created ”.

“Slack channels are provided to conduct Apple business and should promote work, the end products or mission of Apple departments and teams“, declared the representative of institutional relations to the employees.

The problem is that this rule was not applied uniformly. Currently, Apple employees have popular Slack channels to discuss # fun-dogs (more than 5,000 members), #gaming (more than 3,000 members) and # dad-jokes (more than 2,000 members). On August 18, the company approved a channel called # community-foosball.

Slack is one of the most widely used business messaging services in the world. AP Photo

Cat and dog channels are not part of official clubs, and all these channels They were created specifically to talk about non-work activities.

Pay equity was a contentious topic among Apple employees in recent months. The company closed several employee surveys aimed at collecting data on how much workers earn. An initial analysis of the results showed a 6 percent wage gap between the wages of the men and women who participated.

Now, organizers want to create a space for employees to discuss pay issues. While Apple previously said that did not have a pay equity problem, employees are suspicious: recent company behavior, including closing salary surveys and banning a Slack pay equity channel, has only exacerbated those concerns.

Apple banned a job chat where its employees discussed wages

Apple’s offices in Cupertino, California. AFP photo

“Sure It is in Apple’s best interest that these Terms of Use they wrote are extremely helpful to crush free and open communication between employees, “a source told The Verge site.

The same site quoted labor attorney Vincent P. White, who says invoking Slack’s terms may simply be an excuse to block discussions of wage disparities in the workplace, as doing so directly would violate labor law.

“Talking about pay equity is an activity protected by federal, state and local laws,” says White. “Everyone agrees on that. For them, attempting to undermine employees’ ability to discuss pay equity and diversity in the workplace is a clear act of retaliation. “

Tim Cook collects a multi-million dollar bonus

Apple banned a job chat where its employees discussed wages

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple for 10 years. AP Photo

During his 10 years as CEO of Apple, Tim Cook managed to receive a huge sum of shares: 5 million. Based on a report by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), charged with protecting investors and maintaining the integrity of the securities markets, Cook sold the majority of the shares in more than US $ 750 million.

The play is framed by an agreement that Cook reached when he took the position of co-founder Steve Jobs 10 years ago The SEC says that the billionaire, whose fortune is around US $ 1.5 billion, is eligible for the prize because the company’s shares have risen by a 191.83% in the last three years.

In addition, he notes that Apple’s stock price has risen 1,200% since Cook, who last year agreed to a new salary package until the end of 2026, became CEO on August 24, 2011.

Meanwhile, your employees have discussions about the equity.