April weather dominated Europe, summer temperatures await in Spain

April weather dominated Europe, summer temperatures await in Spain

Europe was dominated by April weather, in Spain summer awaits temperatures

Illustrative photo – A woman sunbathes on a beach in Barcelona, ​​June 29, 2020.

Berlin/Madrid – Chaotic weather dominated Europe these days: while in the north or in the central part of the continent it was snowing or strong winds were blowing, elsewhere they were experiencing spring temperatures. In Spain, they are even expecting summer temperatures on Sunday – it will be over 30 degrees in the south, and meteorologists expect a March record, reported the DPA agency.

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For example, Germany already has April weather in March, where many places reported snowfall and strong winds today. On Sunday, however, temperatures are expected to rise to 13 degrees in the southwest or 10 degrees in the northeast. There will be strong winds again on Monday night and temperatures will start to rise again on Monday, according to meteorologists quoted by DPA, they may approach 20 degrees Celsius in the southwest.

Strong winds affected today, among others, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In Bratislava, according to the TASR agency, the wind was so strong that it injured several people. An elderly woman fell and broke her leg because of him.

Spain is also struggling with the vagaries of the weather, where on Sunday and Monday they will experience summer in terms of temperatures. The highest temperatures are expected in the southeast, where it can be up to 33 degrees in Alicante, Valencia or Murcia. For example, Mallorca will also be warm – it was snowing there at the beginning of last week, but on Sunday they are expecting around 22 degrees. Less than two weeks ago, an unprecedented amount of snow was also experienced in Barcelona, ​​where today it was 25 degrees Celsius.

“These temperatures are more like May, and in the Mediterranean even June to summer,” a spokesman for the AEMET Meteorological Institute told Spanish radio station Antena 3 Rubén del Campo. According to him, this weekend temperatures are on average five to ten degrees higher than usual.