‘Argentina Programa’: how to access the subsidy of 100,000 pesos to buy computers

‘Argentina Programa’: how to access the subsidy of 100,000 pesos to buy computers

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‘Argentina Programa’: how to access the subsidy of 100,000 pesos to buy computers

The Government launched this Monday the second stage of the Argentina Program, a programmer training plan so that they have equal access to jobs in the software sector.

The program foresees train 60,000 young people by the end of the year, with the objective of generating quality jobs in a sector of the economy that in 2019 generated 6,037 million dollars in exports and managed to position itself as the third export pole behind the soybean and automotive complexes.

It will also allow each young person who meets the advancement requirements in the course to access a card of the official Banco Nación with 100,000 pesos of subsidy to acquire computers and a stimulus from the national communications entity that will grant cards to obtain free internet connection.

The initiative launched by the Ministries of Labor and Productive Development consists of a training in two stages: one in a two-month asynchronous course on introduction to programming, and another that involves a mixed modality course for six months with specific content related to the profiles demanded by the sector.

Applicants must complete and submit through the Remote Procedures platform. (Photo: Télam)

During the announcement, on Monday noon, Alberto Fernández announced: “They get mad because I said that the internet is a public service. Let them get mad. We are going to make it public so that it reaches all Argentines and they do not cheat us or steal with the rates

The “Youth Week”, which will run until Friday in Tecnópolis, also includes the first ‘hackathon’ that will involve thousands of young people who will be able to participate in educational, cultural, social, sports and artistic activities.


The “Argentina Programa” course will be held virtually from April 12 to June 14. It is free, asynchronous, and requires no prior knowledge. To access, it is necessary to have access to the internet and to a computer, notebook or other mobile device.

The Government published Joint Resolution 1/2021 in the Official Gazette, which provides details on how to access benefits.

According to the official text, “those human persons who are enrolled in the second training module of the Program may be beneficiaries of the program. “ARGENTINA PROGRAM” dictated by the Undersecretariat of Knowledge and comply with the requirements detailed below:

  • They do not have a formal job in a dependency relationship, or
  • They are adhered to the Simplified Regime for Small Taxpayers (RS) in categories A or B and do not receive income in a dependency relationship, or
  • Have a registered job for which they receive income less than TWO (2) Minimum Vital and Mobile Salary as established by Resolution No. 4/21 of the National Council for Employment, Productivity and Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salary or the to replace it in due course.

How to sign up

‘Argentina Programa’: how to access the subsidy of 100,000 pesos to buy computers

Programming, key to the future.

Applicants must complete and submit through the platform Remote Procedures (procedure “Application for registration to the benefits expansion regime of Argentina Program”) the registration form which will have the character of an affidavit regarding the data provided, together with the following documentation:

  • Front and back photo of the National Identity Document, Proof of CUIL or CUIT, as appropriate.
  • Proof of registration to the Monotax, if applicable.
  • Employment History issued by the National Social Security Administration (ANSES) e. In case of working in a dependency relationship, you must submit the last THREE (3) pay stubs. Those applicants who have a work seniority of less than THREE (3) months must present the salary receipts that they have available.
  • Affidavit stating that you do not have the financial means to face the acquisition of a computer.

Youth and the labor market

In the middle of the electoral campaign for the primary elections of next September and the legislative elections of next November, the Government had already launched the program “Te Sumo” to generate 50,000 jobs for young people between 18 and 24 years of age, by granting economic incentives to small and medium-sized companies that hire them.

According to Indec, the unemployment rate in the first quarter was 10.2%, but among women aged 14 to 29 it rose to 24.9% and among men aged 14 to 29, to 17%.

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