Armored Zetor Gerlach is waiting for an opportunity, none have been sold yet

Armored Zetor Gerlach is waiting for an opportunity, none have been sold yet

Armor Zetor Gerlach is waiting for an opportunity, not sold yet

Armored tactical vehicle Zetor Gerlach, May 24, 2023 Brno. The international trade fair of defense and security technology IDET, the international trade fair of fire technology and services Pyros and the international trade fair of security technology and services ISET take place until 27 May 2023 at the Brno exhibition grounds.

Brno – The Zetor Gerlach 4×4 armored tactical vehicle, which was first presented to the public in Slovakia in 2018, is still waiting for an opportunity. No armor of this type has been sold yet. Eight of them have been produced so far, of which two pieces were used for tests and were fired, Zetor Engenering sales director Juraj Paľko told ČTK today at the IDET fair in Brno. At the fair, the vehicle is also presented with a novelty in the form of an autonomous vehicle BUG, ​​which is attached to the back door of the Gerlach.

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In the Czech Republic, Gerlach presented himself at IDET for the first time in 2019. “We have completed all tests, tests, load tests, we have all certificates according to NATO standards, we also have a certificate for anti-mine and anti-ballistic protection from an independent authorized test center in Germany. The car is ready for mass production,” Paľko said. According to him, vehicle customization is carried out, i.e. creation or modification tailored to the customer, equipment is added. For example, the UGV autonomous tracked vehicle was added, which functions as a seventh crew member. The crew can load up to 200 kilos of equipment or transport the wounded.

“It is a vehicle made for NATO countries, but we are waiting for an opportunity, we need a solid customer. Tractors are hard to sell, let alone combat vehicles,” said Paľko. He added that if the company gets the order, it is able to start serial production within a year, when it would be possible to produce 40 units in the first year. owned by Czech tractor manufacturer Zetor. Its main activity and mission is the design and development of vehicles for the defense industry.