Arrived in Odessa a container ship from China with a sick crew discovered if they have coronavirus

В Одессу прибыл контейнеровоз из Китая с больным экипажем: обнаружили ли у них коронавирус

In the port of Odessa met the ship, which at the end of January came from China. Earlier, six members of his crew had a fever, but after a while everything seems to be recovered. Therefore Ukrainian doctors conducted a medical examination, whether or not the command ship of the symptoms of coronavirus.

According to TSN, the results of the test, not one member of the crew no external signs of coronavirus. All gave the so-called free practice, that is, a ship may be in port, and the command if necessary to get to the city. Interestingly, of the 25 crew members,three are Ukrainians, nine citizens of China and thirteen are citizens of Sri Lanka.

Final conclusion the doctors made on the basis of the report of the captain about the state of health of seamen, and the results of visual inspection and temperature measurement. Inspection of the vessel conducted by specialists of the sanitary-quarantine Department of the Odessa regional laboratory center of the MOH of Ukraine.

According to epidemiologists, since the ship had left China the incubation period of coronavirus has passed. Even after six members of the crew had a high temperature, it’s been more than 14 days. And new patients when it was not. Doctors say that the high temperature of the sailors was the result of an ordinary cold.

The doctors add that the load test will not because it makes no sense. The ship must stay in port of Odessa for two days, and then they will be in accordance with the plans of the shipowner.

What is known about a container ship from China and his sick crew

They say about three hundred meters container ship CMA CGM URAL. At the beginning of January 2020, the ship was loaded in the ports of China. And on the 27th the ship visited one of the ports of Sri Lanka, and there have six team members had a high temperature. January 29, the company CMA CGM announced that the crew is already healthy.

After Sri Lanka, the ship visited the ports of Egypt, Libya and Turkey, and on the 12th of February to the Romanian Constanta. The arrival of the container ship in Odessa and the spread of coronavirus in the world physicians the Odessa sanitary-quarantine service has resulted in the increased readiness. Medical examination all the crew members held immediately after mooring of the ship. In addition, 6 hours prior to arrival, the ship’s captain sent sanitary Bulletin confirming the health status of his team.

What would happen if Odessa doctors discovered the vessel of the patient

  • it would be immediately put in place an operational plan anti-epidemic measures
  • the patient with suspected coronavirus was sent to a marine insulator or insulator port
  • then the patient was hospitalized on the coast would be a hospital database,
  • the ship put in quarantine and held there would be appropriate public health interventions.

What is known about the new coronavirus from China

  • As of February 13, the Chinese coronavirus died 1 369 60 of 347 infected.
  • From the disease die in about 9% of those infected.
  • The world health organization declared a global emergency health.
  • The Ukrainian Embassy in China advises to refrain from trips to the country, where raging epidemic.
  • In Ukraine, not a single case of suspected coronavirus is not confirmed.
  • However, two Ukrainians have contracted the coronavirus on the cruise liner Diamond Princess is a 37-year-old woman and 25-year-old man: they were members of the crew and worked in the service.
  • In late January, Ukraine sent to China two aircraft to evacuate its citizens. In General returned home 415 Ukrainians.
  • February 11 was supposed to be a new evacuation of Ukrainians from Wuhan to fly but they failed allegedly due to technical reasons, independent of the Embassy of Ukraine in China.

В Одессу прибыл контейнеровоз из Китая с больным экипажем: обнаружили ли у них коронавирус

Myths and truth about coronavirus / Infographic 24 channel

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