Arts-Cultures Massawippi wants to bring the arts and the community together

Arts-Cultures Massawippi wants to bring the arts and the community together

Arts-Cultures Massawippi wants to bring the arts and the community together

“We want to make the arts really close to the world . That it is not reserved just for an elite or for wealthy people,” underlines visual artist Yvan Dagenais.

The arts will be more alive than ever in the Massawippi Valley. “We wanted to trip together, the artists, the citizens”, immediately launches the actor Pierre Curzi, one of the five members of the board of directors of the new organization Arts-Cultures Massawippi. The group has been taking shape for a few months, thanks to the vision and involvement of a hundred members.

Robert Lalonde, Marie Tifo and Denis Bouchard, among others, put their shoulder to the wheel to offer a variety of cultural activities.

People want to have shows, readings, theater, music, close, to be in more intimate places than in large halls. Many artists also want to let go of the big machine to work close to people, underlines Robert Lalonde, writer-actor and member of the organization.

All the activities planned by Arts-Cultures Massawippi will take place year-round, in three municipalities, namely the Canton of Hatley, North Hatley and Hatley. Fifteen proposals are already offered, including two visual arts exhibitions and a writing workshop given by Robert Lalonde.

“The principle is to be very festive, to be very collective, that people regain their humanity, because right now, we feel like we're all alone. And when they [people] rediscover activities like that, they feel like they vibrate together. You feel like you're part of a gang of buddies! »

— France Capistran, President of the Board of Directors of Arts-Cultures Massawippi

Several concerts will be presented on the small stage of La Caravane, in the Canton of Hatley. We hear the direct sound. It's a different contact when it's a big room, and you can see from afar. It's quite a different experience. It's more warm, friendly, says the owner of the place and musician, Cécile Francoz.

We want to make the arts really close to the world, whether it's not just reserved for an elite or wealthy people, says visual artist Yvan Dagenais, also a member of the organization.

Cultural proposals are intended to be intergenerational and accessible.

It's fun to include the kids too. We are going to do workshops with them. They're going to drum, they're going to make music. After that, we integrate them into the show, they are with us too. We have to bring them to this culture, the young people. We want to get them out of their electronic pegs! , says author and actor Robert Lalonde, thrilled by the enthusiasm and the will of the members of the new group.

The members are unanimous: to see this project come to life and lasting over time is the most important challenge. What's the biggest dream, then?

“I think a lot of bands are being born , everywhere in Quebec, who want culture to be present all the time. In all regions, in all villages, in all small towns, in everyone. May it become the culture of everyone, for everyone. »

— Pierre Curzi, member of Arts-Cultures Massawippi

One ​​of the first activities of the organization, an exhibition, will be launched on May 28 at Cie Vilandré pub, in North Hatley.