Artur Pawlowski claims 'representatives' of Danielle Smith wanted to bribe him

Artur Pawlowski claims 'representatives' of Danielle Smith wanted to bribe him

Artur Pawlowski claims that “representatives” of Danielle Smith wanted to bribe him

Artur Pawlowski during his press briefing on Wednesday.

Controversial preacher Artur Pawlowski claimed on Wednesday he was offered a government post, an MP seat and money to buy his silence and support for the United Conservative Party (UCP) from “representatives” of the First Alberta Minister.

The man gathered many media, which he called devils, to list to them the lies of Danielle Smith and her party. According to him, members of the prime minister's inner circle tried to bribe him and offer him amnesty in order to take advantage of his notoriety with protest movements that emerged during the pandemic, such as those of truckers.

The truth is that Danielle Smith and her corrupt ministers only support freedom when it is politically correct to do so and jump on the freedom bandwagon to win an election , he claimed.

Artur Pawlowski has been accused of encouraging Coutts protesters to continue their obstruction of the border crossing in early 2022. His role during this episode landed him in trouble with the law. He was convicted of mischief for his involvement in the blockade almost a year later.

A few weeks before his trial, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith told him promised to discuss these COVID-19 related charges with Justice Department officials, in hopes of having them dropped.

This revelation, made public thanks to the recording of a telephone call obtained and verified by CBC/Radio-Canada, had the consequence of plunging Danielle Smith into turmoil. Danielle Smith has thus violated section 3 of the province's Conflict of Interest Act, according to Ethics Commissioner Marguerite Trussler.

In the months leading up to the call, the preacher claims he was approached by Danielle Smith's team asking him to give up politics.

I was told that I would be given a very lucrative government job as chair of the committee that would review the handling of COVID-19.

He then claims to have received another proposal from three […] representatives who offered him a guaranteed seat in the [Alberta] Legislative Assembly if he decided to join the ranks of the United Conservative Party.

Artur Pawlowski claims to have had ten meetings with representatives of Danielle Smith, without specifying whether they are part of the government or the PCU. He also claims to have been offered $2 million by these mysterious people.

Artur Pawlowski has taken transphobic and homophobic positions in the past.

He has also repeatedly refused to present evidence to support his remarks. I will say no more and will not give names at this time. My lawyers advised me to tell you what I told you and that's it, he told reporters who were asking for the identity of the representatives.

The Prime Minister is unaware of the conversations or offers alleged by Mr. Pawlowski in his remarks today. [Danielle Smith] strongly doubts the credibility of her statements, says the PCU by email.

As for opposition leader Rachel Notley, she is worried to see the Prime Minister mixed up with people like Artur Pawlowski. This is the extreme of the extreme, and these are the people Danielle Smith offers her time to, in addition to a platform. This is extremely damaging to the future of Alberta.