Aruba with Links Foundation, Ai for remote recognition

Aruba with Links Foundation, Ai for remote recognition

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Aruba with Links Foundation, Ai for remote recognition

Aruba and the Links Foundation have entered into a strategic collaboration for the development of an innovative solution of remote digital onboarding based on Artificial Intelligence. The largest Italian cloud provider – also active in data center services, web hosting, e-mail, Pec and domain registration – and the no-profit research center in the information technology sector – founded by the Polytechnic of Turin and the Company of Sao Paulo – will develop together a series of algorithms for the realization of an innovative remote digital onboarding solution based on Artificial Intelligence that aims to reduce the possibility of human error during remote recognition processes.

It is about an automatic remote identification system that, thanks to artificial intelligence, does not require real-time interaction between a human operator and the person to be identified, as also foreseen in the Enisa-European Union Agency for Cybersecurity report of last March. In fact, the two players explain that more and more services require the identity of a remote user to be verified with certainty through data validation and recognition processes when accessing services, transactions, signing contracts or entering confidential data. As a result, “it becomes increasingly necessary to rely on procedures that guarantee maximum security of identification and remote recognition of the user “.

And it is in this context that Aruba and the Links Foundation aim for “excellence” through advanced Presentation Attack Detection and Face Verification techniques. “The new solution will make it possible to create an instance of remote recognition uniquely associated with the identified subject and to keep all evidence of recognition in a secure manner. To the analysis of the state of the art, as well as to the creation and collection of the guidelines and information used for the development of the project, internationally renowned experts such as Professor Barbara Caputo of the Polytechnic of Turin, Professor Sebastien Marcel of the Idiap of Martigny, and Professor Fabio Roli of the University of Cagliari, all researchers and experts recognized in the scientific community among the leading experts on specific technologies of interest, from Presentation Attack Detection to Face Recognition and more.

Marco Mangiulli, CIO & Head of Software Development at Aruba, underlined that we are aiming for “an ambitious goal, that of putting a technology at the service of man and making it scalable and usable in different usage scenarios “he commented.” We are developing – added Mangiulli – a solution that will make remote onboarding and identity proofing processes even more secure. Thanks to the support of Artificial Intelligence and the experience of the Links Foundation, in fact, we are implementing an innovative system that will offer guarantees and performances superior to those offered by current remote recognition systems “.

“Creating synergies, systematizing, growing the territory and the quality of applications through technological innovation is a decisive part of our mission “said Stefano Buscaglia, General Manager of the Links Foundation. The project underway with Aruba, Buscaglia said,” confirms the key role of Links as a catalyst for ICT innovation that brings frontier solutions in the industrial fabric and actually accelerates the competitiveness of its partners “.

It is not the first time that Aruba and the Links Foundation have combined their know-how, the two companies have already collaborated on projects of the Aruba Software Factory, the company of the group founded in Turin in 2019 precisely by virtue of the R&D and academic excellence of the area, of which the Polytechnic of Turin is an example. The areas of application on which the Turin Software Factory is focusing are Cloud Computing, Trust Services, Digital Transformation, Data Security, E-Government and customization of solutions for Enterprise customers, all areas in which the Aruba experience is consolidated. . Resources are also directed towards projects related to Blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things) and Ai (Artificial Intelligence) services.