As covid deaths rise, Oregon will store bodies in trucks

As covid deaths rise, Oregon will store bodies in trucks

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As covid deaths rise, Oregon will store bodies in trucks


USA / 08/29/2021 02:34:07

Due to the rapid increase in deaths from covid-19 in some of its counties, Oregon It has organized the delivery of a refrigerated truck to store the bodies and decided to send another, the state emergency management department reported on Saturday.

To date, Tillamook County, on Oregon’s northwest coast, and Josephine County, in the southwest, have ordered the trucks, said Bobbi Doan, a spokeswoman for the Oregon Office of Emergency Management.

Tillamook County Emergency Director Gordon McCraw wrote in his request to the state that the county’s only funeral home “is now continuously at or over capacity” of nine bodies.

“Due to COVID-19 cases among staff, there have been no transfers for storage to nearby counties,” McGraw said. Suicides are also on the rise in the county, he added.

The refrigerated truck arrived in the county on Friday, on loan from Klamath County, Doan said in a telephone interview.

The Tillamook County Board of Commissioners cautioned that the spread of COVID-19 “It has reached a critical phase.”

In a statement released on the Tillamook County Pioneer digital publication, commissioners said that from August 18 to 23, six new deaths from covid-19 in the county, a figure that exceeds the five deaths registered in the first 18 months of the pandemic.

“In the last week, we doubled the number of deaths from covid-19 in Tillamook County, five to 11, ”wrote Commissioners Mary Faith Bell, David Yamamoto and Erin Skaar. The commissioners implored the residents: “please get vaccinated.”

The petition takes place at a time when the Delta variant of coronavirus wreaks havoc among Oregon’s unvaccinated population.

However, in Josephine County, where the capacity of hospitals has been exceeded and morgues are reaching their maximum capacity, the vaccination rate is only 53 percent, according to statistics from the Health Authority. from Oregon. The vast majority of COVID-19 patients that are overwhelming hospitals and intensive care units in the state are not vaccinated.