As the change in migration policy of Poland will affect the Ukrainians

The Polish government intends to develop and adopt principles for a new migration policy for six months.

Как изменение миграционной политики Польши отразится на украинцах

About this correspondent of UKRINFORM reported, Deputy Director of Department Ministry of family, labour and social policy of Poland Miroslav Pshevoznik.

“Now continue to work on a new version of migration policy, the principles we will have in 3-4 months, they still must approve the government. In General it will take up to six months”, — said the representative of the Ministry.

He informed that the migration policy will be based on the four foundations.

“The first basis is the protection of the Polish labour market, as each country protects its market and its employees”, — stressed Pshevoznik.

In this context, he noted that now in Poland the unemployment rate is 5.2%. There are 850 thousand unemployed, although a significant number among them are students who do not fall under the classical definition of unemployed.

The second basis is the interchangeability of workers, especially in scarce specialties.

The third basic circularity of stay of foreign labour migrants.

“There can be no question of long term employment in Poland — only limited,” explained the source.

He stressed that for long-term employment of foreigners there are no obstacles subject to receipt of documents on permanent residence in Poland.

The fourth pillar of the migration policy Ministry spokesman called filling of gaps in those regions where there are not enough workers.

In this context, he noted that previously, the majority of Ukrainians who came to work in Poland, concentrated mainly in Mazowieckie province (administrative centre — Warsaw) – 70%. Now the proportion has changed: in Warsaw and the surrounding area employs only 35% of Ukrainian workers.

Pshevoznik also said that last year Poland issued 130 thousand permits for seasonal work (horticulture, forestry, fishing), which is 5 thousand more than in 2018. 98% of these permits were received by the citizens of Ukraine.

Last year Poland issued over 1.6 million permits of intent of employment (up to six months), which is 100 thousand more than in 2018. up To 91% of them are Ukrainians. True, said the official, there is no statistical data that would show how many of these permits were actually used.

At the same time, work permits for longer periods – up to three years on the basis of visas issued to 80 thousand more. 74 percent of such documents were received by the Ukrainians.

“We do not expect that the number of workers from Ukraine this year will be reduced: the growth however, is insignificant,” stated Pshevoznik.

He said that peak growth in the issuance of employment permits — more than ten times — was observed during 2014-2018.

The representative of the Ministry noted that in recent years Poland becomes more competitive compared to the Western countries of Europe in terms of wages. So, this year, the minimum wage hours of labor is 17 PLN gross (110 UAH), and the minimum wage of 2.6 thousand zlotys gross (almost 17 thousand UAH). By 2024, according to government forecasts, the minimum wage could rise to 4 million zlotys gross (26 thousand UAH).

Przewoznik added that according to estimates of the national Bank of Poland in the country are now 900 thousand labour migrants from Ukraine, and the Ministry which he represents, – from 800 thousand to 1 million

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