As the coronavirus affects the lungs of the patient: video

Как коронавирус поражает легкие пациента: видео

Scientists have created a video based on images from computed tomography of the thorax of a patient with Covid-19.

The video clearly shows which segments of the lung affects pneumonia caused by a coronavirus, according to telegrams canal.

What happens to light in the course of the disease

Early in the disease, no more than four cells there is a so-called symptom frosted glass. The so-called seal lung tissue at the level of the alveoli.

Over time, the inflammation of the lung tissue grows. Since the lower parts of the lungs, seal with a diameter less than 3 cm are distributed on the periphery, the network of vessels and bronchi.

It is at this stage of the disease, that is, about the fourth day, the person has shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. All due to the fact that in the damaged alveoli begins to accumulate fluid, which causes disturbances in oxygen exchange.

Lungs during Covid-19: video

The fifth-eighth day of viral pneumonia, the seal begins to spread rapidly and form the segments of the entire cell.

On the tenth-thirteenth day is the peak of the disease. That is a symptom of “matte glass” is not local, and the like captures the entire lobe of the lung completely.

By the way, before we painted, as Covid-19 proceeds at a person day after day and changing the symptoms.

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