Assist, “visions” and the perfect role: who Faivre is and why Milan want him

Assist, “visions” and the perfect role: who Faivre is and why Milan want him

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Assist, “visions” and the perfect role: who Faivre is and why Milan want him

In Brest he showed he can play both as an attacking winger and behind the center forward. The Rossoneri are not willing to pay him at least 15 million as the Bretons would like, but the distance can be bridged

Ahead of this step, it will be the case that Milan’s Italians learn French with the same speed with which Giroud is learning Dante’s language … It’s just a joke, but if Milan really perfects the purchase of Romain Faivre, the group of French-speaking Rossoneri will welcome a new member, after Maignan, Hernandez, Giroud, Kalulu, Bennacer, Kessie and Ballo-Touré. On the other hand, with a scouting manager like Geoffrey Moncada, it is not surprising: his knowledge of the various Ligue d’Oltralpe is encyclopedic and if he has to bet on a name to recommend to dt Maldini and ds Massara, well, it is likely that it is someone who falls into that blackground. Monaco, the club to which Moncada served until 2018, bought Faivre from Tours in 2017, and then resold it to Brest last year: now, after a more than positive season, the most dazzling talent of the Bretons could do it again the suitcase and move to Milan.


In the last few hours, in fact, the name of Faivre seems to have surpassed that of Jesus Corona as a reinforcement half-point. And not only because the Devil in the Champions League crossed the path of Porto, the club for which the Mexican is registered: it is precisely the characteristics of the 23-year-old Frenchman that marry better with the tactics plans of Stefano Pioli, who has long expressed his appreciation of the team. graft of a player capable of playing both from right winger and from number 10. “I am not bound to modules and systems, we are working on new game constructions and we are not looking for a Calhanoglu clone”, said Pioli before and after the match with Samp. But Faivre undoubtedly has the qualities he likes. It is unlikely that AC Milan will reach the 15 million that would close the match against Brest, but the distance for the definitive purchase of the card is not unbridgeable: evolution expected from now to the closing of the market.


The first thing that catches the eye, watching Faivre move on the pitch, is the speed with which he reads situations and senses the development of actions. It does so when there is a need to shorten to growl in high pressure on the opposing ball carriers, it does so when there is to steal time from the defense with a through ball (house specialty) or a heel strike that is never an end in itself. . Left not bad, but the 6 goals scored last season did not hit the Rossoneri management: it is more the ease of inventing assists that entice them, the speed of execution. And then he knows how to dribble: several times, in the past season, Pioli had complained about the absence in the squad of an element capable of blasting the man with a standing start, creating numerical superiority. Is he really the famous Mister X in the end?

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