Aston Martin gives title no earlier than 2023 |

Aston Martin gives title no earlier than 2023 |

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Aston Martin gives title no earlier than 2023 |

The first year of Sebastian Vettel at the wheel of theAston Martin it has been, up to now, rather disappointing. The former Ferrari driver, who currently occupies only 12th position in the drivers’ championship, boasts just 30 points in the standings. However, the German also managed to impress the competition by finishing 2nd in the last Hungarian Grand Prix, in a race in which he subsequently lost the opportunity to celebrate the result thanks to the disqualification imposed at the end of the test.

However, for the four-time world champion there is a way to turn his gaze to the future, aiming at personal redemption in view of the 2022 season. dejà-vu for the former driver of the Red Bull, which in the analogous circumstance of 2009 laid the foundations for the subsequent world championships from 2010 to 2013: “2022 will be a great opportunity for us with the change in regulations – Vettel explained to Gazzetta dello Sportalthough I expect the big teams will continue to play an important role. For the moment, however, we must concentrate on small steps to improve our ranking situation in the second half of the season ”.

With these statements, the future of the Heppenheim driver would therefore seem linked to Aston Martin for next season as well, although there is still no official confirmation coming directly from the team. However, the team principal thought about the potential renewal of the marriage between the two parties Otmar Szafnauer, who praised their number 5 to the microphones of “Sebastian is an excellent driver who would suit any team – commented the US manager – and we look forward to working with him again for next year. He has won four world titles, has fundamental experience for any team, and ours is no exception. Our aim – he added – is that of to be able to win a championship, and Sebastian has what it takes to lead us to this goal ”.

A hope that could however be postponed to 2023, the year in which Aston Martin will be able to take advantage of the new infrastructures to perfect the development of the single-seater: “We have recently expanded our manufacturing capabilities – concludes Szafnauer – but it takes more than two years to build a wind tunnel, which will be available in a year and a half. In the meantime, let’s use the current one. In any case, Lawrence Stroll wants to make this reality a winner in order to have a say in the long-term. We have the technical skills and the financial means to do it, to which must be added the opportunity to have a completely different car for next year ”.

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