At least 10 policemen die in attack attributed to Islamic State in Iraq

At least 10 policemen die in attack attributed to Islamic State in Iraq

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At least 10 policemen die in attack attributed to Islamic State in Iraq

First modification: 09/05/2021 – 16:21

Jihadists of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS) killed 10 policemen and wounded four, in Iraq, during a night attack on a guard post near the city of Kirkuk, according to police sources this Sunday. Other official testimonies indicate that there are 12 victims.

The militants of the extremist group Islamic State once again garnered attention with their attacks in the Middle East, having been weakened by local and foreign forces in 2017.

At least ten soldiers were killed in an attack by radicals against a federal police checkpoint in a rural area near the city of Kirkuk, in northern Iraq.

According to police sources, the attackers clashed for two hours with the security forces stationed in a village.

To prevent the reinforcements of the officers from reaching the scene, the radicals used roadside bombs, which also destroyed three vehicles belonging to the institution.

Although there was no immediate adjudication of the assault, the IS is active in the area and a security source assured that they were involved.

“The Islamic State fighters attacked a Federal Police checkpoint in the Al Rashad area last night,” Captain Ali al Murshidi, of this public force in the province of Kirkuk, explained to EFE.

Al Murshidi added that the perpetrators of the attack escaped, but the situation in the area has already been controlled.

On the other hand, security sources indicated that at least three Iraqi soldiers died and one was injured on September 5 when armed men attacked an Army checkpoint southeast of the Iraqi city of Mosul.

The remnants of the Islamic State continue to attack

Despite the territorial defeat of the radical Islamist movement in 2017, after having implanted the horror with its bloody crimes in wide areas of Iraq and Syria, the operations of the remnants of the group changed to hit-and-run attacks against government forces in different parts of Iraq

However, IS radicals continue in areas like northern Iraq, where they were cut down four years ago by operations by the country’s security forces and the US-led coalition.

Police and military are often the target of ambushes, robberies and homemade bombs.

With Reuters, AP and EFE