At the age of 99 years died a former Manhattan Prosecutor Robert Morgenthau

В возрасте 99 лет умер бывший прокурор Манхэттена Роберт Моргенто

Former district attorney of new York Robert Morgenthau (Robert Morgenthau) died, a little before the age of the centenary.

Morgenthau became the prototype for the character Adam Schiff, played by actor Steven hill in the popular television series “Law and order”. The show’s Creator dick wolf called it “the greatest district attorney in the history of new York.”

Morgento died Sunday at 99, just 10 days before my birthday. Half of his life he imprisoned criminals, including major drug dealers, mafia and not pay taxes, Dean of Harvard. Also Morgenthau put Lennon’s killer – Mark David Chapman, and Tupac Shakur for sexual harassment.

He served in the southern district of new York under the administrations of Kennedy and Johnson, he returned to law enforcement as the chief public Prosecutor of Manhattan in 1974 and remained in the post for 35 years. His office was closed by about 100,000 criminal cases a year.

In 2005, at the age of 86 years, Morgenthau was elected to the eighth and last time. He was 90 years old when he retired.

Morgenthau was born in 1919 in a family of Ashkenazi Jews. His ancestors immigrated to the US from Baden in the late nineteenth century. His father Henry Morgenthau Jr. was the Secretary of the Treasury.

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