At the end of the Swedish Games, the Czechs beat Switzerland 2:1 in overtime

At the end of the Swedish Games, the Czechs beat Switzerland 2:1 in overtime

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Czech ice hockey players (from left) Kryštof Hrabík and Jakub Flek celebrate a goal in the Swiss goal in a match at the Swedish Ice Hockey Games in Malmö on February 12, 2023.

Malmö (Sweden) – In the last match at the Swedish Games in Malmö, the Czech hockey players defeated Switzerland 2:1 in overtime and after Saturday's debacle with Finland (1:6) they claimed their second win in the tournament.

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The Czechs beat Austria 2:1 in overtime at the end of the Czech Games

Cheši defeated the Švsévya games Švs 2 at the end :1 in overtime

The Czechs finally defeated the ;ch games ŠAustria 2:1 in extra time

The Czechs defeated the Šs Šs Šs Šs in the end of the 2 games :1 in overtime

The goals were scored by forwards Jakub Flek and Filip Chlapík, who used a power play at 61:33. The Czechs led for a long time, but Mike Künzle equalized in the 56th minute. Captain Jan Kovář played his 150th game in the national team.

If the Swedes do not score a single point in the final duel with the Finns (4:00 p.m.), coach Kari Jalonen's choice for the third Euro Hockey Tour event of the season will take second place. Last year, the Czechs won the tournament.

In the second minute, Jašek was close to scoring, but his attempt only hit the post. In the sixth minute, the Czech substitute could already celebrate: He had to send Flek into the break with a great pass, who, facing Aeschlimann, hit his rebound, but the puck bounced off the Swiss goalkeeper into the post and from her over the goal line.

In the middle of the third, Knak made a dangerous run, but Stezka saved his finish. At the end of the 17th minute, Klok lightly pushed the opponent behind the Czech goal, but he still received a five-minute penalty for a tackle on the block. However, the Czechs were helped by the fact that they were separated by a break.

The Czech team had to defend two minutes from Klok's penalty at the beginning of the second act, but they did an excellent job and did not let the opponent have a chance. Even when playing with full numbers, the Czechs played well in a three-on-three situation, which was finished by Chlapík from a good position, but he was unable to overcome Aeschlimann.

After a while, the Swiss countered by renumbering three to two, which was finished by Riedi, but his great chance was destroyed by Stezka when he quickly moved in the goal area and hid the puck in his arms. The national team then upped the ante and settled in front of Nyffeler, who replaced Aeschlimann in the 29th minute, but the score remained unchanged until the second intermission.

The fact that there were no big offensive maneuvers on the ice was best confirmed by the shot ratio on the goal after the second period, which sounded 13:10 in favor of Switzerland.

After 17 seconds of the third period, Frick committed a foul against the rules and the Czechs played their first power play of the game, but the opponent defended without any major problems. At the end of the 44th minute, he drove himself from the side to Nyffeler after Chlapík's Smejkal pass, but only finished into his right concrete. Künzle, on the other hand, fired just wide.

In the 50th minute, Chlapík threw the puck from the blue line, although the blocking Smejkal perfectly buried it to the ice and behind Nyffeler's back, but the referee, after checking the video, did not recognize the goal due to a high stick hit. Another power play by the Czech hockey players soon followed, but again without an idea and a better chance. Shortly after, Flek finished from a good position, but failed with a backhand.

In the 54th minute, Mozík fouled and the Swiss were very dangerous. Although they did not take advantage of the numerical advantage, Künzle equalized just three seconds after the end of the game, when he pushed his shot over the defending Vála and thus deprived Szeka of its first clean sheet in the national team. The tie did not change until the end of the regular playing time.

Soon after the start of extra time, Thürkauf fouled and the Czech team took advantage of the power play when Chlapík made a good shot from the circle.

Czech Republic – Switzerland 2:1 in extra time. (1:0, 0:0, 0:1 – 1:0)

Goals and assists: 6. Flek (A. Musil, Klok), 62. Chlapík (Kempný, H. Zohorna) – 56. Künzle (Thürkauf, Fora). Referees: Björk, Holm – Jonsson, Yletyinen (all Swedes). Exclusion: 1:3, in addition Klok (ČR) 5 min. Usage: 1:0. Viewers: 2431.

CR: Stezka – Zámorský, Jordán, Mozík, Kempný, Pýcha, Klok, L. Zábranský Jr., Vála – Chlapík, Jan Kovář, Smejkal – Jašek, Sobotka, H. Zohorna – Flynn, A. Musil, M. Kovařčík – Hrabík , Negro, Flek. Coach: Kari Jalonen.

Switzerland: Aeschlimann (29. M. Nyffeler) – Frick, Fora, Müller, Aebischer, Bichsel, Vouardoux, Geisser, Delémont – Zehnder, Thürkauf, Herzog – Knak, Jäger, Künzle – Bader, Schmid, Miranda – Riedi, Senteler, Meyer. Coach: Patrick Fischer.

Tournament table:

< td>12:6

1. Finland 2 1 1 0 0 5
2. Sweden 2 1 0 1 0 3:2 4
3. Czech Republic 3 0 2 0 1 5:8 4
4. Switzerland 3 0 0 2 1 6:10 2

EHT Table:

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< /board >

1. Sweden 8 3 3 1 1 22:14 16
2. Czech Republic 9 3 2 1 3 18:24 14
3. Finland 8 3 1 2 2 29:23 13
4. Switzerland 9 0 4 3 18:26 8