At the first meeting, the new Prague councilors dealt only with technical documents

At the first meeting, the new Prague councilors dealt only with technical documents

Newly roasted councilors on the first act only technical documents

Constitutive meeting of the Prague council after the elections. November 3, 2022, Prague.

Prague – Today, at their first meeting, the newly elected Prague councilors dealt only with problem-free, so-called technical documents, which they approved in the operative discussion, when they are not discussed, but only voted on. The materials to be discussed will be presented at the meeting by individual councilors until next week's meeting. Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS) answered this question today. The members of the city council introduced themselves at the press conference today and described their competences. The new council was established the week before last after almost five months of post-election negotiations, a coalition of Together (ODS, TOP 09 and KDU-ČSL), Pirátů and STAN was formed.

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“Today's meeting of the board was problem-free, because we put practically all the press into operational decision-making, because there was nothing complicated. The first board was simple and dealt with only two foreign trips,” said Svoboda.

The mayor's deputy Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) wanted to enforce at the meeting that the council, in the position of the general meeting of the transport company (DPP), should discuss the new composition of the company's supervisory board. In the end, this did not happen, as not all parties supplied their nominees. According to Hřib, it will be the supervisory board at the meeting of councilors next Monday.

The program of today's council meeting was criticized by some opposition representatives. “Today, 11 days after the council meeting, the new council is meeting for the first time and has exactly zero items to discuss on the agenda. For comparison, our council met four years ago five days after the council meeting and immediately discussed several key issues, including, for example, saving the Libeň bridge,” she wrote former councilor Hana Třeštíková (Praha Sobě) on her twitter. In the past election period, the city was ruled by the coalition of Prahy Soba, Pirates and the United Forces for Prague (TOP 09, STAN and KDU-ČSL).

The new city leadership met for the first time at an extraordinary meeting immediately after its election on February 16 , when they only approved the distribution of powers to council members and several documents prepared by the former city management. The second meeting took place last week on Thursday, when the so-called pre-meeting took place, where the councilors inform each other about what they are going to present at the regular meeting. The goal is to make the meeting more efficient.

In the eleven-member city council, there are five representatives of the Spolu coalition, while ODS has three and TOP 09 two members, the Pirates have four and STAN two councilors. Instead of positions in the council, the KDU-ČSL occupied two positions of chairmen of representative committees of the capital. The coalition Together, Pirátů and STAN has a majority of 36 votes in the 65-member council. In opposition are ANO, Praha Sobě and SPD. Spolu won the elections in Prague ahead of ANO and Pirates.