At the Gemelli JCI accreditation, the ‘stamp’ of world excellence in healthcare

At the Gemelli JCI accreditation, the ‘stamp’ of world excellence in healthcare

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At the Gemelli JCI accreditation, the ‘stamp’ of world excellence in healthcare

There Gemelli Irccs University Hospital Foundation in Rome has obtained the accreditation of the Joint Commission International (Jci), a world leader in healthcare accreditation. Out of over 300 standards and 1,200 international indicators of excellence, subjected to the scrutiny of a rigorous commission of evaluators, the indicators that were ‘not completely satisfied’ were just 17. “A complete success, therefore, also underlined by the words of the international verifiers who stated to ‘have known an extraordinary hospital of which the collaborators who work within it must be proud, the city of Rome and the whole of our country’ “, highlighted Gemelli who presented the accreditation in a public conference with the minister of Health Roberto Speranza and the Councilor for Health of the Lazio Region Alessio D’Amato.

For thecouncilor D’Amato: “We have a stronger Gemini in a stronger Lazio Region”. The Minister Hope in his speech he thanked “for all the work done by Gemelli in this year and a half of the incessant fight against the coronavirus. Obtaining such a prestigious recognition, such as JCI accreditation, is an indication of the quality of the work carried out in recent years”. The JCI method is inspired by the continuous improvement of the quality of assistance e the parameters to be met refer to all aspects of the hospital organization, from patient care to the organization and management of the facility: the methods of assistance, the education of the patient and family members, the safety of infrastructure and care practices , the qualification and training of personnel, health care associated infection control and information management. The Jci “Gold Seal of Approval’® is therefore a really important milestone, but also a starting point because the quality and safety of patients are a continuous journey. As well as accreditation, which will undergo a new evaluation. for the renewal in three years “, remarked the Gemini.

“The milestone we celebrate today – said the Franco Anelli, rector of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – is the result of the work of the last 10 years, since we decided to make the Gemelli Polyclinic an autonomous body. Gemelli and the Catholic University remain a unitary and inseparable reality. This international recognition, based on important quality parameters, qualifies the Policlinico Gemelli as an ‘Academic Hospital’: a place of research, treatment and teaching of excellence. Once again the Catholic University confirms the constant modernity and innovation capacity of an institution born 100 years ago in Milan and 60 years ago in Rome with the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery “.

“The strength of Gemelli is precisely the unity of the Policlinico and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Catholic University – added the dean Rocco Bellantone – Thousands of doctors and health professionals have been trained by always keeping faith with our mission to take care of the fragile person. In recent years we have further strengthened ourselves also on the international level by calling teachers from prestigious institutions to work with us. Today we are reaping even more significant fruits in the year of the pandemic with the recognition of ‘Newsweek’ which places Gemelli as the first Italian hospital and now with the JCI certification ”.

“A success by no means taken for granted this JCI accreditation, the result of a preparation at the limit of feasibility for a Polyclinic of our size and complexity – he recalled Marco Elefanti, director general of the Agostino Gemelli Irccs University Polyclinic Foundation – In Italy the largest hospital accredited by JCI had so far been the Humanitas, which has 800 beds, and in Europe the only center with similar numbers to ours is the Policlinico dell ‘ Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). Today we want to give credit to all our collaborators and to those who guided them in this delicate and important path, which highlighted a system of values, skills and competences of this Polyclinic: this recognition was a further demonstration of the level of involvement and commitment extraordinary of the people who work there. An organization like ours must continually improve: this entails the need for new resources that can hopefully correlate the financing system with quality indicators “.

“Accreditation – he recalled Andrea Cambieri, health director of Gemelli – it was a long journey, crossed by the pandemic period, during which about 8 thousand people worked, in a process that passes through the involvement and conviction of people. The Gemelli Polyclinic is therefore above all an institution that learns. Therefore, the technology of knowledge was fundamental, which constantly brings all the information of care to our operators, and the measurement of the patient experience, without forgetting the attention to stakeholders and the world of volunteering. The JCI model is very close to our vision of patient care and safety. ”

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