At the meeting in Toruń, Mäki broke the long-standing Czech record for one mile

At the meeting in Toruń, Mäki broke the long-standing Czech record for one mile

Mäki broke the Czech record for one flight at the Toruń fair. li

Illustrative photo – Mile runner Kristiina Mäki (in an archive picture from March 6, 2022).

Toruń (Poland) – Runner Kristiina Mäki broke the Czech indoor one-mile record at the meeting of the gold category of the World Indoor Tour in Toruń. She improved Ivana Kubešová's performance from 1992 by three and a half seconds to 4:32.30. She imitated her partner, Filip Sasínek, who entered the domestic historical charts on this track on Thursday in Ostrava. The best Czech position in Toruń was ensured by Lada Vondrová, who finished second.

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After the unfinished 15th race at the Czech Indoor Gala in Ostrava, Mäki competed on a slightly longer track this time. “After minor problems, I'm satisfied with today's performance. It's still not the same, but compared to the meeting in Ostrava, I felt stronger. The fact that I got it and I can barely walk, I'm absolutely thrilled with the record,” said the finalist of the Olympic Games in a press release in Tokyo.

She finished sixth, a long way behind winner Gudaf Tsegay of Ethiopia, who ran the second-fastest mile in history. The goal was completed in 4:16.16. Only her compatriot Genzebe Dibaba was faster seven years ago with a world record of 4:13.31. Like Mäki, Sasínek (3:38.74) was sixth in the 15-meter race.

Another Thursday, Vondrová ran under 52 seconds. Again, only Lieke Klaverová beat her. With a time of 51.91 seconds, the Czech representative was 34 hundredths behind the fresh personal record from the Czech Indoor Gala, and this time she lost to the Dutch runner by 77 hundredths.

Petr Svoboda did not succeed in the short hurdles. The 38-year-old sprinter ran his slowest time in the final this season, finishing fifth in 7.67 seconds. The American Daniel Roberts won (7.46).

The best performances of this indoor season were performed by the British half-distance runner Keely Hodgkinson (1:57.87) and the Greek long-distance runner Miltiadis Tentoglu (840 cm).

Indoor athletics meeting of the gold category of the World Indoor Tour in Toruń:

Men – 400 m: 1. Bengtström (Sweden) 46.15, 800 m: 1. Kramer (Sweden) 1:46.37, 1500m: 1. Habz (Fr.) 3:35.59, 2. Mills (Brit.) 3:35.92, 3. Gómez (Sp.) 3:36,33, …6. Sasínek (Czech Republic) 3:38.74, 60 m BC: 1. Roberts (USA) 7.46, …5. Svoboda (ČR) 7.67, height: 1. Kerr (N. Zél.) 227, bar: 1. Obiena (Phil.) 587, distance: 1. Tentoglu (Greece) 840, 2. Montler (Sweden) 817.

Women – 60 m: < 1. M. Kambundjiová (Switzerland) 7.06, 400 m: 1. Klaverová (Netherlands) 51.14, 2. Vondrová (Czech Republic) 51.91, 800 m: 1. Hodgkinson (Britain) 1:57.87, 2. Yarig (Benin) 1:58.48, mile: 1 Tsegayová (Et.) 4:16,16, …6. Mäki (ČR) 4:32.30 – Czech record, 3000 m: 1. Hailuová (Et.) 8:46.92, 60 m BC: strong> 1. Skrzyszowská (Poland) 7.79.