At what age should one start a sex life: expert advice

В каком возрасте нужно начинать сексуальную жизнь: советы специалистов

Men and women puberty occurs at different ages and psychological maturity – generally for each individual. Therefore, the question of the beginning of sexual life is very complex.

This is in exclusive comments said obstetrician-gynecologist, doctor of ultrasound Galina Petrenko and sexologist, women’s coach and coach in imbuilding Ekaterina Filippova.

According to Galina Petrenko, ideal age no, because it depends on the region of residence (southern girls have earlier puberty than in the North), cultural and religious preferences, social status of women and many other reasons.


Obstetrician-gynecologist, doctor of ultrasound Galina Petrenko

“But physiologically the woman is fully ready for intimacy in the age of 18-19, at this age the sexual organs ready for sex, have the natural defenses of the mucous membranes, immune system, and the readiness to leave in case of pregnancy. For men – physiologically a man is willing to be intimate with 15-16 years, but most often at this age a man is not ready to accept the consequences of such a relationship.

Ekaterina Filippova advised to enter into an intimate relationship, when ripe psychologically. Some people are already 16-18 years are well aware that sex is not only fun and a “forbidden fruit”, but also responsibility. As unwanted pregnancies and diseases sexually transmitted diseases, and other unpleasant surprises.

Sexologist, women’s coach and coach in imbuilding Ekaterina Filippova

“And the other 30, and 40 years can remain psychologically with the children. They tend to avoid responsibility and “hiding in bushes” for any difficulties. It is because of these “kids” are so many single, pregnant, young girls. While all based only on sex, that is the pleasure, it was easy to talk about “together to the end of his days.” And when the girl gets pregnant, that is the time to make a decision and get married, these fans just evaporate in search of new “big and clean”.

В каком возрасте нужно начинать сексуальную жизнь: советы специалистов

In sexual life it is necessary to enter psychologically Mature people

Therefore, according to the sexologist, in the beginning of a sexual life (and later), you need to be sure of the partner. It is difficult to call the ideal age in numbers – we need to rely on their own experience.

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