Auguste or Sébastien Pomerleau? Both, because one does not go without the other!

Auguste or Sébastien Pomerleau? Both, because one is not without the other!

Auguste launches his new album on May 27 and 28 at La Caravane du Canton de Hatley.

Sébastien Pomerleau has led two lives for 20 years. The Sherbrooke resident works as a cameraman-editor and director at Télé-Québec. At the same time, he manages a life in music. For him, the song is a means of expression.

I'm a pretty quiet guy in life, for those who know me. I like to observe the human. I like to observe life, take notes. It matures in me and, at some point, it has to come out and the way it comes out is in music, says Sébastien Pomerleau alias Auguste.

It was at fifteen that he received his first guitar. Already, the call of creation was felt. I'm the worst guitarist around a campfire! You know: "Heille Sébas! Do you play the guitar?" No sorry, it's not me! Quickly, I was composing songs. I learned in an autodidact way, affirms the artist, admitting at the same time, to still feel today the syndrome of the impostor.

Like a cat, Auguste has several lives. His first group, August and Me, was born in 2002. The formation died out after a few years, but it is now reborn from its ashes, in French this time, with a string quartet. After a few pitfalls in the company of this great collective, Sébastien takes a step back and decides to continue his journey, alone.

“I feel like, and I talk about it with other musicians and other songwriters, and it's the same thing all the time: we is pogné with that, it seems, this need to release music! »

— Sébastien Pomerleau alias Auguste, singer-songwriter

The Sherbrooke resident therefore leads two artistic careers. According to him, the accent is not in the same place depending on whether he embraces his job as a cameraman-editor or that of a singer-songwriter. When I'm at Télé-Québec, I do portraits of artists from the region. My eyes are on the artist, I am at his service. It's not the same mode when I'm at home, writing a song. It's still creativity, creation, but it's not the same attention, he summarizes, adding, in passing, that the management of this creative energy, I have to do attention.

Auguste is a patient artist. The adage that everything comes at the right time to those who know how to wait suits him perfectly. I have no method of writing, I have no method of working. I think I absorb many, many things over the years and at some point I feel like I have to pick up my guitar and there it goes!

The singer-songwriter presents his second full-length album, The Noise of the Seasons. He takes the opportunity to publish an accompanying booklet which is available online only. This thing, tangible, you can leaf through it whenever you want. It's made with stuff from my childhood, thoughts. I find this beautiful. It's like a logical continuation, it seems, of my musical work, of my image work too. It all makes sense, he believes.

Auguste's new album, Bruit des saisons.

With his new opus, Auguste hopes to touch people, quite simply. What I want is for it to settle in a good place in people's homes, to stir the heart, to make people think. Like a good dramatico-romantic movie, I think at the end there has to be a good feeling. You leave the cinema, you say: "wow!, what have we experienced together."

Auguste is launching his new album on May 27 and 28 at La Caravane du Canton de Hatley.