Automotive agencies are out of inventory: Andamex

Automotive agencies are out of inventory: Andamex

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Automotive agencies are out of inventory: Andamex

Alondra Avila

Toluca / 18.07.2021 12:28:32

The president of the Mexican Association of Automobile Dealers in the State of Mexico (AMDAMEX), María de los Ángeles Arriaga de Quiroz, pointed out that the lack of micro components continues to put the sector in checkSince agencies do not have inventory and delivery of new units can be delayed between one and two months. However, he trusted that inventories will be regularized as of August.

Due to this situation, he explained, in general the assemblers are in technical unemployment and when they produce they give priority to the most demanded cars such as subcompacts.

“Inventories of all brands are very low and there are no cars to sell, neither new nor used, although with the ones that remain we are giving priority to retail, not so much to fleets.”

At the national level, all the assemblers, he said, have technical stoppages because they have not been able to maintain their production due to the lack of micro components. Some have resumed their activities, but their units are half-finished due to a lack of micro-conductors and therefore cannot remove them from the plants, which in turn has caused delays in deliveries.