Avatar: The Way of Water is the third highest grossing film of all time

Avatar: The Way of Water is the third highest grossing film of all time

The film Avatar: The Way of Water is the third highest-grossing movie in ;ech dob

A shot from the American film Avatar: The Way of Water.

Los Angeles – American director James Cameron's film Avatar: The Way of Water has become the third highest-grossing film of all time, Variety reported. Cameron's next effort Titanic (1997) pushed him to the fourth place. Thanks to its popularity, Avatar: The Way of Water was already ranked among the star film franchises of Disney and 20th Century Studios a few months ago, it has already collected 2.24 billion dollars (about 49.7 billion crowns) at the worldwide box office. In second and first place is the superhero film Avengers: Endgame (2019, $2.7 billion) and the first installment of Avatar (2009, $2.92 billion).

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Avatar: The Way of Water, the second of the five expected installments in the series, won the British Film Academy award for visual effects on Sunday and is also nominated in four categories for the American Oscar.

Neither Disney nor 21st Century Fox, now 20th Century Studios, disclosed the film's budget, but the Hollywood Reporter estimated it at at least $350 million (7.6 billion CZK) excluding marketing costs. Director Cameron said that the film must cross the $2 billion mark “to get into the black”.

The film brings back to the screen American actors Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana in the roles of Jake Sully and Neytiri. Set ten years after the events of the first volume, humans have ravaged planet Earth to the point where it is almost uninhabitable, and are now returning to distant Pandora to build a new sanctuary.

When it becomes clear that the goal of the human invasion is also to find and kill Jake Sully, the family of five now takes refuge far from their home in the forests of Pandora to islands hundreds of kilometers away, where they try to find friends among the people of the local clan and get used to a new life, although the danger from the “celestials” is not lurking far. Much more often than in the crowns of trees, the film therefore takes place below sea level.