Bad Bunny premieres “De museo”, his third song this year

Bad Bunny premieres “De museo”, his third song this year

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Bad Bunny premieres “De museo”, his third song this year

New topic! Bad Bunny surprised all his followers with the premiere of his song “From museum”, which was presented this Tuesday, July 6. This production is his most recent song since he presented “Yonaguni” at the beginning of June, and with this he has three releases so far this year.

In this single “De museo”, the urban singer states that “A brother does not betray himself, the family never abandons”, and that despite all the money he holds or the women he could attract for his fame, “envy does not live with us, it dies.”

Likewise, the Puerto Rican, in the lyrics of his song, thanks God for everything he has achieved in his short career and for his friends who have passed away, but they take care of him from heaven.

So far, the video clip of the song has already reached more than 3,570,381 million views on the YouTube platform.

As mentioned above, “From museum” It is the third song that Bad Bunny presents in the first seven months of 2021, despite the fact that he had no plans to publish music this year, as mentioned in an interview with Apple Music in early June when he released “Yonaguni.”

In addition, before the release of “Yonaguni”, Bad Bunny and his compatriot and colleague Luar La L premiered the song “100 million” on May 28.

In an interview with Apple Music, the interpreter explained that this song showed much of his musical influence from his beginnings in 2016, when the Latin trap was promoted.

With information from the EFE agency.

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