Bank debts of Czech households rose by 2.7 billion to 2.149 trillion CZK in January

Bank debts of Czech households rose by 2.7 billion to 2.149 trillion CZK in January

Debts of Czech households to banks increased by 2.7 billion in January. to 2.149 trillion CZK

Czech National Bank, CNB – illustration photo.

Prague – Debts of Czech households at banks rose by 2.7 billion month-on-month to 2.149 trillion crowns in January. Corporate debt increased by 21 billion to 1.265 trillion crowns. Year-on-year, household debts were higher by approximately 88.9 billion crowns, and corporate debts rose by 64.6 billion crowns. This follows from preliminary data published today on the website by the Czech National Bank (─îNB).

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Debts of Czech households at banks have been increasing since February 2016. The exception was last April, when they decreased by roughly 20 billion month-on-month to 2.067 trillion crowns. According to the CNB, however, the April statistics were influenced by the withdrawal of the banking license of Sberbank CZ.

Czech household debt exceeded one trillion crowns for the first time in June 2010. It exceeded the level of 1.5 trillion in September 2017 and reached over two trillion in October 2021 crowns. Almost four fifths of the volume of household debts at banks are home loans. In January, according to the CNB, they increased by 0.2 percent month-on-month to CZK 1.675 trillion.

Corporate indebtedness has been fluctuating for a long time, and according to the original maturity period, long-term loans still have the most significant share among loans granted to non-financial enterprises. In January, their volume reached CZK 700 billion, which is 56 percent of the total volume of loans granted to this sector, the CNB reported.

The Central Bank publishes statistics every month. It is derived from the balance sheets of monetary financial institutions, which, in addition to the central bank, commercial banks and branches of foreign banks in the Czech Republic, also include money market funds and credit and savings cooperatives.